1-7 March


March 1889: Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra was united in marriage with the daughter of Hazrat Sufi Ahmad Jan in early March. The Promised Messiahas was part of that wedding ceremony.

March 1906: The Promised Messiahas was occupied in writing his Urdu book Tajalliyat-e-Ilahiya (Divine Manifestations) in the month of March. On 29 March 1922, the incomplete manuscript of this book was published in the era of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra. In it, the Promised Messiahas made the following prophecy: 

“God has informed me again and again that He will grant me great glory and will instill my love in people’s hearts. He shall spread my Movement all over the world and shall make my sect triumphant over all other sects. The members of my sect shall so excel in knowledge and insight that they will confound everyone with the light of their truth, and by dint of their arguments and signs. Every nation will drink of this fountain, and this Movement will spread and blossom until it rapidly encompasses the entire world. Many tribulations and obstacles shall come, but God will remove them all and will fulfil His promise. God addressed me and said: ‘I shall grant thee blessing upon blessing until kings shall seek blessings from thy garments!’ (Divine Manifestations, pp. 24-25)

1 March 1906: The organisation Tasheez-ul-Azhan, which came into being through the efforts of Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra, started a magazine by the name of Tasheez-ul-Azhan. It began as a quarterly magazine, but with the passage of time, it started its monthly publication. In the beginning it comprised of scholarly and research-based articles, but when it began its journey in the new era, its main focus was the youth – members of Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya and Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya auxiliary organisations. Unfortunately, for the past few years this magazine has fallen prey to government restrictions in Pakistan.

2  March 1897: The Promised Messiahas was blessed with a daughter, Hazrat Nawab Mubaraka Begumra on 27 Ramadan 1314 AH.

2 March 1906: The Promised Messiahas published an announcement in which he foretold the occurrence of an earthquake. This announcement was published from Anwar-e-Ahmadiyya Press, Qadian.

3 March 1891: The Promised Messiahas set off for Ludhiana. He stayed at the residence of Shahzada Ghulam Haider Sahib which is located in Iqbal Ganj, Ludhiana. During this journey, an attempt was made on Hazrat Ahmad’sas life. The person with the ill-intentions later accepted Ahmadiyyat.  

3 March 1907: Syed Habibullah ICS who was the magistrate of Agra (magistrate Allahabad according to Al Hakam at the time), arrived at Qadian before Zuhr prayer. Although the Promised Messiahas was unwell, he showed great hospitality and gave adequate time to the guest.

4 March 1889: While residing in Ludhiana, the Promised Messiahas published an announcement titled An Important Message for those who were keen to take the Bai‘at. Huzooras informed people that he would be staying in Ludhiana until 25 March. 

5 March 1901: The Promised Messiahas published an announcement which was based on a sincere proposal for reconciliation with opponent Maulvis. 

5  March 1902: The Promised Messiahas published two thousand copies of a four-page announcement for the management of Langar Khana (a place funded by charity, offering accommodation and food for mankind) and Madrasah (school). This could well be considered the basis for the establishment of the permanent system of chanda (monetary funds for the cause of Islam) and the foundation to developing the habit of monthly chanda.

6 March 1897: Pundit Lekh Ram was killed in accordance with a prophecy of the Promised Messiahas. This incident occurred in the city of Lahore at 7 o’clock in the evening. 

6 March 1908: The Promised Messiahas sent a letter to Hazrat Munshi Abdullah Sanaurira. Several letters between the years of 1884 and 1908 are preserved in history, which were sent by the Promised Messiahas to this humble and faithful companion who had excessive love for his Imam. 

7  March 1898: The Promised Messiahas published an open letter and mentioned the incident of Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi being denied the honour of a chair in court as Maulvi Sahib strongly rejected the occurrence of this incident.

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