100 Years Ago… – A Letter from London


Al Hakam, 21-28 September 1918

Another Muslim Lady Convert

All praise be to Allah that by each passing day, the noble religion of Islam is progressing in this country through the efforts of our honoured missionaries – Hazrat Mufti Muhammed Sadiq Sahib and Qazi Abdullah Sahib. Just recently, a respected lady who has visited America and who used to attend the lectures of Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib accepted Islam through Hazrat Mufti Sahib’s tabligh efforts. The name of this respected lady is Miss Spitan whilst her Muslim name is Hasina.

Allahumma zid fa zid. (O Allah increase and increase further.)


Abdul Hay (Arab) Maulvi Fazil [degree in Islamic studies]

9 July 1918

London, 4 Star Street

Dear Brother; Peace be upon you. The post that we sent on 25 June was lost at sea. 

Brother Qazi Sahib is currently busy with tabligh in Marina [Brighton] and is in good health. He has delivered many lectures and a series of debates continues with various individuals. Many individuals visit the mission to enquire about information on Islam. 


Hazrat Qazi Muhammad Abdullahra

At a large gathering attended by many prominent lords, this humble one was granted a position of great honour on the stage. The attendees who numbered thousands congratulated me by raising loud slogans of “cheers”. A photo of this event was published in the Daily Sketch newspaper which has a publication of several hundred thousand. 

I have been suffering from a flu and fever for the past few days. Now, a little cough persists with some chest pains. Please help me through prayers. Wassalam

Muhammad Sadiq 

To the Editor of Al Hakam newspaper; Peace be upon you. The following report was originally posted on 26 June. However, it has now come to my attention that the ship which was carrying the post was suddenly attacked and drowned by enemy forces. For this reason, I am resending this report. Please include this in the newspaper. 

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

The Propagation of Islam

Allah the Almighty has bestowed a remarkable inspiration in the writings and speeches of Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and Qazi Muhammad Abdullah Sahib, missionaries of Islam. 

Every week, a gentleman or lady is affected by their blessed words and repenting from Christianity, becomes worshippers of the One God and enters the Ummah of the Holy Prophetsa. Last week, two revered ladies who had regularly attended lectures accepted Islam through Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. They were given the Muslim names, Laila and Farida. All praise be to Allah for this. 

Another revered lady, Mrs Moodling, who had also listened to the preaching of Siyal Sahib and Qazi Sahib, gave written testimony that the Holy Prophetsa was a prophet from God. This testimony from her was achieved through the tabligh efforts of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib. Allahumma zid fa zid. (O Allah increase and increase further.)

Hazrat Maulvi Fazil Arab is also carrying out tabligh to the best of his ability whilst Qazi Sahib is travelling through the rural areas of England for tabligh and distributing literature. As a result, the message of Islam is reaching many people. Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq’s lectures in London every Sunday prove to be very well attended and enjoyed. 

By the grace of Allah, one month has passed since the last aerial strike by enemy forces on London. All praise be to Allah for this.

26 June 1918

Muhammad Siddiq 

(Indian employee at a hotel in London near Piccadilly.)

(Translated by Al Hakam)

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