100 Years Ago… A sonnet about the Promised Messiah a.s.


The Review of Religions (English), August and September 1920

M Ataur Rahman

Thy soul, O Mirza, dwells happy and blest

In blissful fellowship with the kindred

Souls of world-teachers, who from error led

Mankind to truth, the purest and the best.

And God’s earth is defiled with the foulest

Crimes – lust and greed and rapine and bloodshed

We hear the moans of men – “The hour’s cursed:

Is there no God to give to us peace and rest?”

Nay, wherefore should men despair? Thy advent

Was in fullness of time; thou didst foretell,

The events and warn the wicked world – Behold!

Mahmud of high resolve, thy son, Heav’nsent,

Fulfils thy great task. The forces of hell

He shall scatter; the world shall join his fold.

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