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The Review of Religions (Urdu), December 1919

London Mission

Members of the Jamaat know that Qazi [Abdullah] Sahib has returned to Dar-ul-Aman [Qadian] on Friday. Although he sent a telegram carrying the news of his arrival to be presented before Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, may Allah be his helper, from Bombay [now Mumbai], he reached before the telegram could arrive. So, Huzoor[ra] received the telegram the next day after his arrival. Qazi Sahib will probably rest for a month. Master Sagar Chand Sahib (barrister-at-law) reached Qadian on 5 December.

Under the guidance of Huzoor[ra], several companions travelled a few miles outside of the town to welcome him. The moment he saw his associates, Master Sagar Chand Sahib came out of the horse carriage and cordially shook hands with them all. There was an exchange of “Assalamo alaikum” and “Wa alaikumussalam”, and then they reached Qadian on foot. As there was a lot of dust on the way, Qazi Sahib enquired if he was in distress from it. He replied that the dust of Qadian was much dearer to him than the clean atmosphere of other countries.

Standing in a row, the entire faculty and students received and welcomed him outside of Madrasa Ahmadiyya. Thereafter, he went straight to Masjid Mubarak. After some time, Huzoor[ra] came out and delivered a long address in which he advised him that the time of test and trial had just begun. If he will remain steadfast during that period, then, God willing, he will receive great rewards from Allah the Almighty. The complete address will, Insha-Allah, be published in Al Fazl.

After the meeting, Master Sagar Chand Sahib had a meal and returned to Lahore the very same day. He promised on his way back that he would pay a visit to Qadian at least once every week and that he would come on the occasion of Jalsa as well. Instead of Gurdaspur, he preferred to start his practice at Lahore. On his way to Qadian, he had also delivered a lecture in Bombay. An urgent telegram has been sent to Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib to immediately depart for America. Members of the Jamaat are requested to pray for his safe entrance in a very far off country.


Some Ahmadis are about to arrive in Qadian from this Island. We have heard that the mother of Sufi Sahib is also accompanying them. They may well have reached Bombay. They will be here in a day or two. Sufi Sahib has stated that detailed papers of the case have been sent along with them. The case is still underway. Members of the Jamaat are requested to pray for the successful outcome of Ahmadiyyat over there. Amin.


News has been received from Malabar that recently, five people have embraced Ahmadiyyat. Their Bai‘at forms have reached us, Alhamdolillah! Below is the list of their names:

1. Mian Abdul Razzaq Sahib

2. Mian Abdul Qadir Sahib

3. Muhammad Kunji Sahib

4. Maryam Sahiba

5. Maulvi Idrus Sahib


Brother Abdul Karim Sahib, Secretary Anjuman Ahmadiyya writes that Dr Aghlam Ali Khan Sahib has left to visit [Qadian] India and that he is engaged in tabligh by all means. He states that letters are being written to the editors of different newspapers and various personnel but as they are extremely engrossed in worldly affairs and so much away from religion, they take very little interest in religious matters.

However, they are trying and virtuous souls are being drawn towards Ahmadiyyat. Hence, along with the letter under discussion, a Bai‘at form of respected Abdul Hameed Ibn Ali Yunus Sahib has been received. May God grant them steadfastness. Amin.


Brother Muhammad Ishaq Sahib writes that he is continuously engaged in conveying the message of truth to the people. May God cause their efforts to flourish. The natives of that land are Ahle-Tashi [Shiites] and they believe that the Imam of the latter days will be born when a spring will begin to flow at a certain place over there. They are astonished after hearing that the Imam of the latter days has already come.


Mirza Muhammad Hussain Sahib writes from Baghdad that in the recent past, he was blessed with the opportunity to carry out tabligh over there. The books of the Promised Messiahas, Al-Istifta [An Inquiry], Mawahib-ur-Rahman [Bounties of God], Najmul Huda [The Star of Guidance] etc., were presented to several persons. Among them, certain people have already read or promised to read them. It is hoped that they will cause a beneficial impact.

He further states that the moral condition of Muslims living there is very bad. Women have a European dressing style, while their hands, faces and feet are covered with certain pictures and various marks. Alcohol consumption is rampant. There is a usual practice of having gold teeth implants and both men and women are into it, so much so that the successor of the seat of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir’srh shrine has these implants. Interest in education is very low, but now, the British government is establishing schools and trying to bring such people towards education and civility.


Promising letters are being received from Ceylon. Recently, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Ceylon has reprinted and published an English lecture, The Crying Need of the Age Fulfilled, which was delivered by respected Qazi Muhammad Abdullah Sahib. Although the [financial] condition of this Jamaat is not very good, they are always engaged in publishing Ahmadiyya literature with great passion. May Allah the Almighty be their Helper. Amin.

The Review of Religions (English), December 1919

Hazrat Maulana Abdur Rahim Dardra

To the Editor, Review of Religions, Qadian.

Dear Sir,

Will you be so kind as to publish the following announcement in your esteemed paper:

On the occasion of the last special Muslim Conference at Lucknow held to express the views of the Muhammadan Community regarding the future of Turkey, the Head of the Ahmadiyya Community at Qadian addressed an open letter to the Secretary of the said conference. In the said letter it was shown that the only chance of success in obtaining considerate and fair treatment for Turkey lay in removing the prejudices against Islam universally prevalent in the Western countries, specially in France and America. The Khalifa-tul-Masih – as the Head of the Ahmadiyya Community is styled – therefore suggested the immediate dispatch of two Islamia Missions to America and France. The letter was widely distributed among the gentlemen assembled in the conference.

The conference authorities did not choose to take any formal notice of the letter. But from letters received from private gentlemen it appears that there is a considerable body of Mussalmans outside the Ahmadiyya Movement, who appreciate the usefulness of the suggestions, and heartily wish to see the same carried out.

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib Portrait

The Khalifa-tul-Masih has therefore decided without waiting for the co-operation of any other association, to dispatch at once an Islamic Mission to America. It may not be generally known that three of his representatives are already employed upon a similar work in England under the lead of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, M.R.A.S., Phil. B, A. S. P, F. P. C. (London), and have already, through God’s grace, met with a very satisfactory degree of success both among the resident Englishmen and foreign visitors.

An urgent telegram has been sent to Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib to proceed at once to the United States of America. In making the present announcement our object is to make it known to the Mussalman public that the suggestions embodied in the Khalifa-tul-Masih’s letter referred to above are now being practically carried out and thus to satisfy the curiosity and interest naturally awakened by the said letter in many a sincere and pious heart.

The present mission, it may be understood, is being dispatched agreeably to the long standing plan of His Hazrat the Khalifa-tul-Masih, and shall be, like the Ahmadiyya Mission in England and elsewhere, purely religious in its aim. We will however be prepared to co-operate with any other association on the principles outlined in the letter to the Secretary, Lucknow Conference.

Yours faithfully,

Rahim Baksh M.A.

Secretary for Mission Work to His Hazrat the Khalifa-tul-Masih, Qadian.

Qadian, 25 November 1919.

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