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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib Honoured

We have received a joyful message from Maulvi Abdul Hay Sahib (Maulvi Fazil) regarding Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib’s academic excellence which is extremely pleasing for all, that the London College of Philology has accepted him as a fellow and have given him a diploma along with the title of FPC. 

I am sure this news will delight all friends and they will pray that God’s grace and protection always be with Mufti Sahib and that God grants him more and more success and acceptance.

Letters from the United Kingdom – Acceptance of Islam

First Letter

By the grace of God, due to the efforts of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib, who nowadays resides a hundred miles away from London in a town called Ventnor, an English scholar by the name of Dr. Etheredge MRCS along with his wife Mrs. Edith Etheredge has accepted Islam. Hazrat Mufti Sahib suggested Hakeem and Hikmat as their Muslim names which they wholeheartedly accepted. Alhamdolillah.

Apart from this, Mufti Sahib has distributed many leaflets, delivered speeches and has taken part in debates. A priest, having conversed [with Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib], admitted that the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa was indeed a prophet of God and received Divine revelations. 

Here in London, we are making great progress. Last week, on Sunday evening (27 January), I delivered a lecture to more than 300 hundred attendees in the Freethinkers Hall, on the existence of God and presented sufficient evidence from the Holy Quran discussing His attributes as the Most Powerful, All-Knowing and Most Wise

A question & answer session followed, which left the attendees no choice but to agree with the arguments presented by the Holy Quran. Thus, a lot of success came from this and it also had a great impact on the attendees. The President promised to invite me again to deliver another lecture on Islam.



Qazi Abdullah 

3 February 1918

Second Letter

A gentleman by the name of James Dolan accepted Islam at the hand of Mufti Muhammad Sahib who is currently in Ventnor. He has been given the Muslim name, Ibrahim. 

As a result of Qazi Abdullah Sahib’s tabligh[preaching], another respected lady, Miss Harvey, has declared in writing that the Holy Prophetsa was in fact a prophet. Alhamdoillah.



Abdul Hay Arab (Maulvi Fazil)

18 March 1918

4, Star Street, London. W2 

Third Letter

Dear Brothers,

Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

Currently, I am in Ventnor where it is comparatively less cold than London. Due to the cold I am feeling under the weather. (I request everyone’s prayers.) In any case, I have attempted to continue tabligh efforts. 

Due to the efforts of Qazi Abdullah Sahib, four revered friends in London have accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat. One of them has been working in this country for approximately seventeen years and is living with his family in his own private property. The family originates from Somaliland. 

After Qazi Sahib explained to them the Promised Messaih’sas claim, he answered their allegations and removed any misconceptions they had, thus satisfying them. They were convinced that Jesusas had passed away and abandoned the notion of the blood-thirsty Mahdi [a Mahdi who is commonly believed by mainstreams Muslims to appear in an attempt to kill all disbelievers]. 

After accepting Ahmadiyyat all three of them signed the Arabic Bai‘at form, which, Alhamdolillah,has been sent off to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II. 

Readers are requested to understand the importance of this task and support it in every way possible and continue to pray. 


Muhammad Sadiq, Ventnor

3 March 1918

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