100 Years Ago… – Daily diary of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II: Sikh family converts to Islam, origin of Gurmukhi, Gandhi and Malviya, and difference between prophets of God and worldly leaders


Al Fazl, 22 December 1921

Due to the large number of articles related to Jalsa [Salana Qadian] and the lengthy, yet very important and necessary sermons of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra], the diary could not be published at regular intervals. In order to keep that series regular, it was considered appropriate to give below the next [daily] diary [of Hazrat Khalifatul Masihra] that, in sequence, comes after the previously published diary. (Editor, Al Fazl,1921)

Hazrat Musleh e Maud 1

18 November 1921

A Sikh converts to Islam

A Sikh by the name of Muhammad Yusuf Sahib, who recently converted to Islam and writes articles in Payam [newspaper] met Huzoor[ra]. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih asked him when he converted to Islam. He said that he [accepted Islam] seven years ago and that his whole family had also converted to Islam.

Origin of Gurmukhi

Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Sahib, editor Nur [Akhbar], was also present. Whilst talking about Sikhs, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said: 

“The Gurmukhi language should be studied as to when it originated and when its harakat [vowel points] etc. were invented.” 

Sheikh Sahib (editor Nur [Akhbar]), submitted that the Sikhs credited its initiation to Guru Angad. Huzoor[ra] said: 

“This is a one-sided statement. The people of every religion claim their religious language to be ancient, just as the Hindus claim about Sanskrit. However, we have to see what history decides after investigation and cross-examination. According to this principle, the statement of the Sikhs gives us the last estimation about their religious language, but we also have to look at the statements of impartial non-religious researchers to see what they have to say about the said language. If it is known through research that the harakat were invented after the origination of the [Gurmukhi’s] script, then many beneficial matters can come to light in support of Islam that are related to Sikhs.”

19 November 1921

Violence by non-cooperators in Bombay 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih[ra] said:

“When the Prince of Wales arrived in Bombay [now Mumbai], a riot occurred. Several policemen were killed and a few rioters also face the consequences.” 

Huzoor[ra] said: 

“Non-violence is an excuse. Otherwise, the revolutionaries in every country preach against violence in the first place in order to escape the clutches of the government, but eventually, every revolutionary movement ends with violence.”

Another difference between prophets and [worldly] leaders

On the mention of the leader of the non-cooperation movement, especially Mr Gandhi, who has repeatedly said that he would get Swaraj at the end of December, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said:

“There is a lot of difference between the prophets of God and these people [worldly leaders]. They present their claim after being blessed with knowledge from God and at the same time they say, إِلَّآ‭ ‬أَنْ‭ ‬يَّشَآءَ‭ ‬اللّٰهُ [‘Unless Allah wills’]. On the other hand, how is it that the said people, who have no light [divine guidance] from God, fearlessly make claims [about something] the outcome of which they do not know.”

Treatment of hunger strike in Europe

On the mention of the fact that Dr Kitchlew had threatened to stop eating, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih[ra] said:

“It is completely against the shariah [divine law] of Islam to commit suicide.”

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said:

“Foreign women had gone on a hunger strike but the doctors there treated them. The said women would not open their mouths but the doctor put a rubber tube in their noses and delivered sufficient milk to their stomachs.”

Mr Gandhi and Malviya share the same goal

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih[ra] said:

“The current situation is indicating that Muslims are going to get into trouble. I consider Mr Gandhi and Pandit Malviya to be one and the same. Both are striving for the same goal, but their methods are different. If Mr Gandhi succeeds, then well and good, but if not and there is chaos and destruction, then Malviya will say, ‘I am the leader of the Hindus and the Hindus will be spared of all these dangers [if they follow me].’ However, there is no moderate leader among the Muslims. Those Muslims who are government employees cannot claim leadership and the rest are extremists. Thus, just as Muslims were blamed for the mutiny of 1857, the same will happen here.”

20 November 1921

Gandhi Ji’s repentance

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih[ra] said

“Mr Gandhi has declared his mistake that India is also not capable of civil disobedience and for this he has come up with a punishment that his associates should fast week after week. For Muslims, this type of fasting is against the shariah [divine law]. If they keep [such fasts], they will commit an act against the shariah and as far as the Hindus are concerned, their fast is not to eat bread and they can use everything else. There is no harm in that for them.”

If the entire world shifts to charkha [spinning wheel], then the production of khaddar will increase

On the mention of khaddar, Huzoor[ra] said: 

“Now [khaddar] is being made even in foreign countries. The collapse of Manchester etc. is not possible with the [stoppage of] charkha [spinning wheel] of India alone because it cannot even meet the demands over here. However, if the whole world leaves the machines and relies on the spinning wheel, then it is possible that India will progress, as there are two ways of advancing:

“1. Either a person himself gets ahead of others

“2. Or grabs others and pushes them back.

“If one neither wants to go ahead, nor push others back, then advancement is impossible. If the entire world shifts to the spinning wheel, then India can surpass the rest of the world; otherwise, it is not possible.”

Consuming kidney can be useful

Regarding the kidneys, Huzoor[ra] said:

“Recently, new medical research has been conducted. It states that the consumption of kidney is useful because for those germs that go inside the human body by air, the kidney serves as a cleaner. Scientists have a saying that a person who does not eat kidney at all will die and those who eat too much of it will also die.”

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in the 22 December 1921 issue of Al Fazl)

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