100 Years Ago… – Eid in London, sermons in Hyde Park and tabligh


Al Fazl, 29 July 1920

Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

Eid in London

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat, London, offered Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at the Ahmadiyya Darul Tabligh [mission house] on 17 June at 11am. The notification published by Darul Dawat [tabligh house] was sent to all members of the Jamaat.

Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra

Consequently, despite the fact that it was not a holiday, our friends left work and came for [Eid] prayers.

On this occasion, Maulvi Fateh Muhammad Sayal Sahib delivered a befitting and apt sermon. Explaining the philosophy of fasting and the reality of Eid, he said that fasting is one of the ibadaat [acts of worship] in Islam and Islam is not merely the name of beliefs but performing acts of worship and righteous deeds are also compulsory.

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Hazrat Maulvi Fateh Muhammad Sayalra

Christianity has ruined the nature of people. People here have come to understand that just as Christianity is the name of a few beliefs, so is Islam the name of a few doctrines of faith. As a result, those who convert to Islam from Christianity are weak in [performing] deeds. Thus, those who embrace Islam have a duty to bring about [a positive] transformation in their deeds, because as long as you will not observe fasting and prayers after becoming a Muslim and do not transform your life, you do not deserve to be called a Muslim.

In reality, Eid is for those and only those are worthy of celebrating Eid who produce a real change in themselves.

Sermon in Hyde Park

By the grace of Allah, our tabligh campaign, which has started at the gates of Hyde Park by taking advantage of the wonderful and pleasant summer season of London, is becoming very successful.

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Almost everyday within the last week, missionaries have been conveying the message of Allah’s Messenger, Muhammadsa of Arabia and Hazrat [Ahmadas] Nabiyullah [Prophet of God] to the English men and women.

Moreover, by the blessings and grace of God, the intellectual English people are amazed to hear the words of scholars who have come from the East. They listen, standing like statues. Speakers get off the platform and speeches end. Rain comes pouring down but those who can listen by opening up umbrellas do not move from their place. Praise be to Allah! Peace and blessings be upon Muhammadsa of Arabia and peace be upon the Promised Messiahas that the words of God are being fulfilled!

The Promised Messiahas, through his servants, addresses hundreds of men and women in the open air of London. These people take off their hats and greet the walking missionaries of Ahmadiyyat and thank them for conveying the message of the Messiah.

The effect of these speeches is that many rational men and women have started to visit the Darul Dawat to seek more information.

Ahmadas was, no doubt, a prophet of God

Mr Maynard, an American tourist, who is very interested in Islam, came to the Ahmadiyya Darul Tabligh after visiting the Woking Mission and met missionaries there. He showed satisfaction in the prophethood of Ahmadas and listened to the prophecies of Hazrat Sahibas regarding his progeny, promulgation of Islam and the Tsar. Thereafter, when the Arabic poetry of Huzooras was recited in front of him, as he himself knew Arabic, he said instantaneously:

“Ahmad[as] was, no doubt, a prophet of God.”

Moreover, after meeting the servants of the Promised Messiahas, he said impulsively:

“I have, for the first time in my life, met people like you.”

A letter from a new Muslim lady Our friends may remember that while referring to the Islam of a new Muslim woman, I wrote that she had said in Arabic when she converted to Islam:

لیس من ھنا۔ بل من ھنا

“Not from here [pointing to the mouth] but [I have accepted Islam] from here [putting her hand on the heart].”

This poor Maryam experience some hardships and suffered at the hands of the so-called Muslims, but in spite of this affliction, she did not waver from her Islam. She writes:

“It’s been nine months since I left London. From then on, I have had difficult days. And my faith as a new Muslim has passed a severe test. But this rigorous test did not find me weak in my time of trial. And you will be delighted to hear that I remain an honest and sincere servant of Muhammad Rasulullah [Prophet of Allah].

A message to the Paighamis

The newspaper, Paigham, wrote regarding Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sahib that he called the people of Woking useless and did not look at their work with respect.

In response to this objection, respected Chaudhry Sahib says:

“The newspaper, Paigham, had raised objections on Mufti Sahib’s work in bad words. After reading it, I said to a friend that the people of Woking are probably out of work and sitting idle. That is why they concoct such objections.

“This is the actual context of my words. Otherwise, what do we know if they work or not? A person who does not possess anything interesting while writing articles wishes to create interest by attacking others.

“As far as our work is concerned, who is with us? How many are there? How are they? We do not need to engage in any debate to answer these questions. There is a veil that will be lifted on its own and the real truth will be manifested upon the world. We know this and can say it with confidence that there is not a single new English Ahmadi Muslim on the side of those who attacked us. Just as the Muslims of India are with them, so are the [general] English. On the other hand, those who are with us, whether few or many, very poor or rich, they are Ahmadis and they believe in the messengership of the Promised Messiahas. As for going to the mosque for offering prayers, Syed Amir Ali and Sir Aga Khan also go there [to pray]. Do they also belong to the Jamaat of ghair mubai‘een [those who denied to perform Bai‘at]?

“As much as the new English Muslims are associated with Woking, so are they with us. His excellency Lord Headley, while sitting in the Ahmadiyya Darul Tabligh, discussed with Dr Leon and said, ‘If Muhammadsa Rasulullah is a messenger of Allah after Prophet Jesusas, then why is Ahmadas not Prophet of God after Muhammadsa Rasulullah.’

“Certainly, we see our friends succeeding in one thing so far and that is their efforts have somewhat been effective to keep the new Muslim Englishmen from joining us and from listening to the message of the Promised Messiahas owing to their mosque, political designs, lavish meals and the influence of Indian non-Ahmadis. However, [their success] is short-lived:

لوائے ماپنہ ہر سعید خواہد بود

ندائے فتح نمایاں بنام ما باشد

“‘The refuge of my [the Promised Messiah’s] flag will be acquired by every blessed person and the announcement of the glorious victory of my name shall be made.’”

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