100 Years Ago… – Eid-ul-Adha in Saltpond, Africa


The Review of Religions [English], November & December 1923

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We have to apologise to our friend, the secretary of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman of Saltpond, West Africa, for the delay that has occurred in the publication of his report about Eid-ul-Adha at Saltpond. This incident, we hope, will not deter him from sending us reports of the workings of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman in the future. – EditorThe Review of Religions (1923)

Our brother [from Saltpond] writes:

Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Saltpond, West Africa


The Editor, The Review of Religions,

Qadian (India)

31 July 1923

Dear Brother,

I am herewith sending a copy of the report of our “Eid-ul-Adha” celebration, which I sincerely hope you will publish in the columns of your esteemed journal and oblige us.

Yours fraternally,

BE Keelson,

Secretary, Gold Coast Ahmadiyya Mission

Eid-ul-Adha (the festival of sacrifice) celebration by the Fanti Ahmadi Muslims of the Gold Coast.”

The “Eid-ul-Adha” festival of the Muslims came off this year on 25 July 1923, which one section of Ekunfi Side Fanti Ahmadis celebrated at Ekunfi Ekooful. The service was led by Maulvi Fazlur Rahman Hakeem, the Ahmadi Muslim Missionary of Salt Pond. Though the Maulvi was very weak in health at the occasion, he so kindly, regardless of his health, decided to go to Ekooful to lead the above services.

Khutba (Sermon) that followed the prayer lasted for about two hours, in which the Maulvi explained the object of the festival to an audience of about 300 men and women and said that this “Eid” is celebrated to commemorate the great sacrifice of Abraham[as], when he, the father of prophets, peace be on them all, in obedience to Divine command, prepared himself to sacrifice his firstborn, the then only son Ishmael[as] and thus laid the foundation of Islam, i.e., total resignation and complete obedience to the will of God. Drawing the audience’s attention to this object of sacrifice, the Maulvi exhorted them to the killing of the fat ram of their low and mean desires and the love of worldly things, thus becoming Muslims in the true sense of the word.

He also related the painful story of the great Ahmadi martyr Abdul Latif and how, in spite of the repeated promises of the Amir of Kabul (India) of bestowing upon him greater honour and wealth, he quite willingly and with the pleasure of his heart allowed his life to be taken away by being stoned. But he did not deny the truth of Ahmad, peace be on him, whom he had recognised as the true Messiah and Mahdi of the age and he cheerfully bore all this for the sake of truth. By citing this example, he impressed upon the audience to hear for the sake of truth, every kind of trouble cheerfully.

After this, the Maulvi reminded the people of the dark days of the Ashanti rule, and comparing those troublesome days to the present peaceful days of the British Rule, he laid force upon the point that the Fanti Ahmadis should distinguish themselves from the other communities of Gold Coast in loyalty to the British Government.

The sermon ended with prayers for the glory of Islam all over the world.

– BE Keelson,

Secretary, Gold Coast Ahmadiyya Mission

(Transcribed and edited by Al Hakam from the original, published in The Review of Religions [English], November and December 1923)

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