100 Years Ago… – First Ahmadiyya Madrasa in Malabar


Al Hakam, 14 July 1920

Police action

As mentioned in the previous report, police officers visited Kanjrur last month and investigated the Ahmadiyya petition. Police officers admonished those mischiefmakers, whose names were handed over to authorities, to refrain from oppressing and mocking Ahmadis.

Now, by the grace of God, we will have some peace. Praise be to Allah who made this all possible!

First Ahmadiyya Madrasa in Malabar

Kodaly Jamaat has opened a madrasa on 21 June [1920] with the efforts of Maulana Maulvi Abdul Rahim Sahib of Bihar. This is the first madrasa in Malabar. Thus, we extend our congratulations to Hazrat Maulvi Sahib and Kodaly Jamaat. Non-Ahmadis will also be admitted. If Hindus want to learn Urdu, our noteworthy brother, Ahmad Sahib (a teacher) will gladly teach them. Admission in this madrasa is free. May God grant strength to this Jamaat to take this madrasa to a higher level.

Sad news

Two or three houses of married Ahmadis are present in Kanjrur. One of the Ahmadis who has been evicted is a young man named Abdullah. Opponents have long sought to remarry his wife with a non-Ahmadi regardless of the fact that she is not divorced.

Now it has been reported that the girl was married to a non-Ahmadi on the night of the 1st or 2nd of this month.

Regarding this, Hazrat Maulvi Sahib wrote to the local secretary:

“Today, on 2 July 1920, a non-Ahmadi has married an Ahmadi’s wife in Kanjrur on his own. This is an atrocity that has never happened to an oppressed person before in the British Empire.”

Secretary Ibrahim Kunji Sahib has sent the following telegram to Qadian about this incident:

“Nazir Umoor Ama Ahmadia, Qadian. Non Ahmadies Kanjrur remarried one Ahmadies’ wife without divorce. Heinous crime never heard before. What [to] do?”

A telegram was also sent to Rangoon on the 5th. On the same day, Monday, the Qadianis received the following answer:

“Sir, [file a complaint in] court under penal code chapter twenty. Consult local lawyer for details. Hazrat praying.” (Umoor Ama)

Ahmadi brothers have put their heads together over this issue.

Humbly yours, Din Hamid, Kannur, Malabar. 7 July 1920

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