100 Years Ago… – Greeting the king of Iran in London


Al Fazl, 18 December 1919

Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Rahim Nayyarra

His majesty Shah [King] of Iran

In the current week, London was engaged in the hospitality of their distinguished guest, King of Iran, Ahmad Ali Shah Qajar. The Most Excellent Majesty, Emperor of India and King of the United Kingdom arranged for the hospitality of his honourable guest in every possible way.

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Ahmad Ali Shah Qajar | Wiki Commons

There was not the subtlest of negligence in the respect and honour that could have been afforded to the glory of the head of a sovereign nation. On the invitation of respected Asfahani, Secretary of the Muslim League, this humble one and Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sahib were part of the delegation that was present at Buckingham Palace on behalf of the Muslims of India to welcome His Majesty, the King and to express the love from the Indian Muslims.

This delegation also had the honour of an audience with His Imperial Majesty, the King under the leadership of Right Honourable Mr Ameer Ali. Introducing this humble one before the Kisra of Iran, the Right Honourable Mr Ameer Ali said, “Maulvi Abdul Rahim is a scholar of Islam.”

Iran’s past and present situation, and the idea of future work in this country, came to me while holding the hands of the King. The sketch of the coming shudder in the court of Kisra was created before my eyes. In these circumstances, upon shaking the hands of Kisra, I said, “God bless you.”

Then I prayed for him in my heart that may Allah Almighty illumine his soul with the light of the teachings of the Promised Messiahas and on one hand, grant worldly prestige to Iran through the friendship of King George and on the other hand, bless its king with the strength of tying the bond of brotherhood with the Sultan of Faith who has appeared in Qadian and enrich him with the wealth of religion.

Distribution of literature

This week, on the arrival of the king of Iran, a great number of English ladies and gentlemen were gathered at the Victoria Station. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Hazrat Mufti Sahib and I distributed a lot of literature. Men and women keenly requested and acquired the leaflet that had the title “Call to truth”. It is in the hands of Allah that He may bless these people with the strength to research the truth and accept Islam.

During the distribution of literature, a lady emerged from the crowd and turned towards us by saying, “Assalamo Aliakum,” in order to catch the attention of the people. The Christian men and women were astonished to witness the discourse of East and West in this gathering. Our green turbans, along with the Western dress of the English lady practically conveyed a message before the English people who had gathered on the arrival of the King of Iran. Miss Beard twinkled, like a Najma [star], by the light of Islam, meaning that the lady who was talking to us was our sister, “Najma Beard.”

A Muslim from Bosnia

A gentleman stepped out of the crowd and met us at Victoria Station. During the conversation, it became known that he was a resident of Bosnia and was a Muslim. These days, he is here on the directions of the Serbian government to learn English. His name is Dr Fehmi Berkovich. Dr Fehmi visited our house with us. The attributes of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat are influencing his heart. He expresses that the Muslims of Bosnia are ignorant and neglectful towards education.

The Serbian government has given them freedom to practice their religion and the representation of Muslims in the ministry of religious affairs is officially granted and established. A central mosque is located in Belgrade. God willing, it is hoped that through this educated doctor, Allah Almighty will spread the message of the Promised Messiahas to the land of Serbia, Bosnia and Albania. We have explained to the said doctor that the revival of Islam is only possible with this fountain of life which was given to the world by Allah Almighty in this age through the teachings of the Promised Messiahas.

A series of meetings

Below is the list of some noteworthy persons who were conveyed the message of Islam in the current week through meeting:

Maulvi Fateh Muhammad Sahib Sayal met a respected Englishman who was a scholarly orientalist and had the honour of being titled. [Maulvi Sahib] fulfilled his obligation of conveying the message of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and the intellectual orientalist said, “I have been studying the Review [of Religions] for twelve years” and expressed the following about Ahmadiyyat:

“I like this movement. This is the only hope of Islam.”

Chaudhry Sahib also met two theosophist ladies and after hearing the message of Hazrat Ahmadas, they said, “It is just possible that your prophet is the expected teacher.”

Apart from them, in the week under discussion, a French atheist, a lady who expects the Messiah to arrive soon and an old theosophist woman visited our house of missionaries in order to find the truth and returned after gaining spiritual nourishment.

Departure of Qazi Sahib

After his four years of service, receiving the honourable praise of “noble gentleman” and “chaste missionary of Islam,” Maulvi Qazi Abdullah Sahib BA, BT boarded from Paddington railway station and went to Liverpool on 31 October.

The very same day, he embarked a ship called the “City of Karachi” and set off for India. I congratulate the members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat for the services of this remarkable servant of the Messiahas and for acting upon the instructions of his master, Khalifatul Masih and for his courage of following the commands of Khilafat, notwithstanding extreme hardships. For the time being, I state:

“Congratulations to the people of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat! The person whom you sent by sacrificing your wealth and who stayed here on your expenses, extraordinarily respected the faith and trust that you had in him and sowed the seed of Ahmadiyyat in this land under the showering of bombs from the skies and in the midst of countless satanic traps.”

I will write a detailed review on the works of Qazi Sahib in another letter, Insha-Allah!

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