100 Years Ago… – Ladies’ acceptance of Islam in America and a successful lecture at a philomath’s house


Al Fazl, 23 June 1921

Mufti Sahib is busy preaching Islam through lectures, exchange of letters and meetings. 

When he returned to his office after delivering lectures in two cities, he met Mrs Beasley, a respectable woman who has already visited him three or four times before to examine and study Islamic beliefs. 

On the evening of 8 May [1921], she brought another young lady named Mrs Milhau [ملھاؤ] with her, who wanted to meet with Mufti Sahib. She was satisfactorily conveyed the message of Islam and at the time of her departure, she was presented the book, [The Philosophy of theTeachings of Islam, by Mufti Sahib. The latter is very keen on listening to Islamic matters. Hopefully, she will soon convert to Islam, insha-Allah!

Before leaving, Mrs Milhau invited Mufti Sahib to give a lecture at a special meeting of her friends, which was to take place on 9 May [1921] at eight o’clock in the evening. Consequently, Mufti Sahib reached precisely on the given time at the house where the lecture was to take place. 

This house belongs to a revered philomath who invites special scholars to lecture in one of the two spacious rooms of his house every Monday. About 40 people were present in the gathering, all of whom were scholars and highly esteemed people. 

Mufti Sahib, after explaining a few Islamic matters in his lecture, shed light on Salat and the need for divine revelation and propethood. He then conveyed the message of Prophet Ahmadas and narrated some of his prophecies in detail. 

The audience was very pleased to listen to them. At the end of the lecture, some tracts were distributed which were eagerly accepted by the participants and upon the conclusion of the meeting, they requested Mr Mufti to give another lecture in an upcoming meeting.

Humbly yours, Muhammad Yusuf Khan of Jhelum from America

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in the 23 June 1921 issue of Al Fazl)

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