100 Years Ago… – Letter by a sincere American Professor and news from Mauritius, Iraq and India


Al Fazl, 11 & 15 November 1920

Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahim Nayyarra


Letter by an American friend

Mr Maynard, a professor at Columbia University, New York, recently visited London and met with Ahmadi missionaries. After listening to the claims of Hazrat Jariullah [the champion of Allah] and getting acquainted with the evidences and miracles, he said, “Surely, Ahmadas was a Prophet of Allah.”

Recently, this noble American sent a letter from his country and stated:

“It seems like a long time has passed since I met you in London. Believe me, I will never forget that brief encounter which took place at 4 Star Street. I truly believe that if the Christian preachers to India had taken lessons from you for a few days, they would have done better work. I have not been able to meet Mufti Muhammad Sadiq yet, but I am looking forward to meeting him soon.

“I am sending 10 shillings along with this letter. I wish I could have sent more than that. I am hopeful that a time will come when I will be able to present more. Please spend four shillings to help the poor and utilise six shillings on whatever you think is best.

“I have been reading the first part of the translation of the Holy Quran. It is a wonderful scripture. I will try my best to circulate this translation as much as possible. Its study informed me of my religious lack of knowledge.

“I regret that I forgot Arabic due to a lack of practice, but now I am trying to get it back. I intend to gain more knowledge than before.

“We, the Westerners still need to learn a lot from the East, but we always act hastily.

“It is now very clear that Westerners have greatly misinterpreted the message of the Gospel. Moreover, [it is quite surprising] that these people forcibly convey their false views to those who know this message better than they do.

“Although, it will take time for my wisdom to increase, but I am hopeful that I will soon witness more [divine] light. Yours sincerely, John A Maynard”

Ahmadiyyat in Mauritius

Maulana Sufi Ghulam Muhammad Sahib BA, Muslim missionary, Rose Hill, writes:

“On 25 September [1920], I went to Phoenix with Maulvi Obaidullah Sahib and gave lectures. First Maulvi Obaidullah Sahib delivered a speech on How to recognise true religion. Then, I made a speech and proved that the Promised Messiahas drew the attention of the people [towards God’s message] and some of them considered him a liar but did not confront him out of fear and thought that he would die after some time and everything would remain in their hands. However, some people mulled over and accepted him after recognising the arguments of his truth. [I explained that] after Ahmadas, many people had learned the arguments of truth and started to carry out tabligh to others. They have not only reached [and conveyed his message] in India but also in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, England, America and Australia. By the grace of God, [my speech] had a positive influence on the audience. A non-Ahmadi promised that he would offer Jumuah prayers with Ahmadis in Rose Hill [mosque]. Subsequently, he fulfilled his promise and hopefully, he will announce his conversion to Ahmadiyyat in a few days, insha-Allah!

“By the grace of God, the proceedings of the mosque’s case have come to an end and the only thing remaining is the issuing of the verdict. Consequently, we have planned to hold public lectures at the cinema hall on the first weekend of every month. All praise be to Allah that we have started as planned. On the afternoon of 3 October 1920, the lecture began and there was a large audience as well. The subject of the speech was that Islam is the only religion which is alive. Its living proof is the Promised Messiahas and his true successors. The religion of Hindus is not alive because God does not communicate with the followers of the Vedas. Moreover, the religion of the believers of Gospels is no longer alive because no other Christian receives any revelation after the disciples of Jesusas, nor does the Holy Spirit descend upon them. I told the audience that the Islam of non-Ahmadis was also dead and the only living proof of the truth of Islam is the Promised Messiahas. By the grace of God, [my words] had a profound effect [on the participants].

“Hindu dignitaries were also present in the gathering and they included a barrister-at-law and an attorney-at-law. Maulvi Obaidullah Sahib writes that a lot of people gathered on the death of an Ahmadi brother’s son and tabligh was done among them. A sermon was also delivered on the women’s side.

“A conversation took place with a Christian at Phoenix Station. As he could not understand Urdu, it was the first time that a religious issue was discussed in Mauritian language in a public gathering.

“Obaidullah Sahib writes:

‘On Sunday, 11 September [1920], I went to convey the message of Islam in Montagne Blanche and carried out tabligh over there. A meeting was held at Rose Hill to discuss various matters, including the registration of the Ahmadiyya Society, which went very well …’”

Jalsa at Banga, [India]

On 27 October [1920], Maulana Ghulam Rasul Sahib Rajeki, Maulvi Fazlur Rehman Sahib and Mian Ilahudin Sahib (philosopher) went to Banga. An announcement was made on the 27th and the Jalsa began after three o’clock near the committee house. The first speech was given by Fazlur Rehman Sahib in which he compared Islam to other religions. The issue of niyoga also came up during the discussion. A Lala Sahib called it their holy and pure religious principle. In reply, it was said that if it is such a blessed doctrine then “why do you hide it and not express it openly? Moreover, you do not even reveal the names of those people who offer their services for niyoga and also those women who want it.”

Soon after, Rajeki Sahib’s speech was held on the topic of the Islamic Khilafat. He proved four types of Khilafat from the Holy Quran. Firstly, the Khilafat of Adam; secondly, national Khilafat; thirdly, individual and general Khilafat and fourthly, the Khilafat mentioned in ayat-e-istikhlaf (Surah al-Nur, Ch.24: V.56).

Maulvi Fazlur Rahman Sahib delivered a sermon in the gathering of women at night. The next day, Maulvi Fazlur Rahman Sahib gave a speech on the existence of God.

Thereafter, Maulana Rajeki Sahib presented the interpretation of the Kalimah Shahadat [Islamic declaration of faith].

On Friday, Maulana Rajeki Sahib, Maulana Fazlur Rehman Sahib, Philosopher Sahib and Haji Ghulam Ahmad Khan Sahib of Karyam, delivered speeches in assembly of ladies.

Humbly yours, Rahmatullah, Secretary Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Banga, (India)

Jalsa at Sangrah Cuttack

A Jalsa was held at Sangrah Cuttack on 22 and 23 October [1920] and several resolutions were passed. Maulvi Fazil Abdul Salam Sahib, Maulvi Fazil Abdul Haleem Sahib, Maulvi Alam Munshi Fazil and various others delivered speeches. (Muhammad Ahmad, Secretary Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Sangrah)

Announcement for friends in Iraq

Muhammad Tufail Sahib Ahmadi (overseer), Nasiriyah, Iraq, announces from Arab Camp, Field Park, adjacent to Railway Station Nasiriyah, that the Ahmadis who reside in or near Nasiriyah should meet him as soon as possible.


Humbly yours, acting Nazir Talif-o-Ishaat, Qadian

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