100 Years Ago… – Letter to Khawaja Hassan Nizami


In this issue, we have found a letter-cum-article written to Khawaja Hassan Nizami sahib that was included in the 6 April 1918 issue of Al Fazl. It was written by Muhammad Sharif Hanafi of Pahari Bhojla, Delhi.

A Letter to Khawaja Hassan Nizami sahib

In a past issue of Al Fazl, an article written by a non-Ahmadi friend from Delhi “Questions for Khawaja Hassan Nizami” was included in Al Fazl. No response has as of yet been received from Khawaja sahib. The same person in question has now recently had an article published in the newspaper the Delhi Gazette which is presented before our readers. (Editor, Al Fazl)

Dear Khawaja sahib,

Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, [Greetings]

The fact that some questions have been posed to you in the 9 March 1918 issue of Al Fazl will not be news to you. I have firm faith in your high moral values that you will not deprive us of an answer. If indeed you possess divinely inspired powers, which you name as “the inner artillery”, something you claim to possess, then your character is most certainly a potent sign in support of Islam’s truth, that too in its weakest of days. To witness the destruction of a foe by power of one’s inner self is indeed an extraordinary and awe-inspiring miracle. 

The Qadiani sect has at present proved to be a tremor and tempest for Islam. If honesty really does exist in the world and the pure religion of Islam really promotes it, then, Khawaja sahib, there is no reason for me to hesitate in exposing the truth and to conceal the tardiness and carelessness of our clergy. Mirza sahib’s[as] teachings will continue to flourish day by day if our clergy continues to tread this path. Your words, “The annihilation of this sect is more vital [today] than the eradication of the Germans,” deserve my sincere gratitude. 

In my previous article, I made the mistake of inviting Qadianis to Delhi on your behalf and promised to reimburse the expense of their journey myself. Ever since the article was published I have received continuous letters from Qadianis. They are prepared to travel without their expenses being paid for and say that they are willing to take my journey’s expenses upon themselves also. Every Qadiani is willing to sacrifice himself for your sake. 

I am astonished at the fact that the people of this sect were, at one stage, one of us, yet their passion has reached such a level that if we possessed even a fraction of that passion, I have firm faith in God that we would be able to bring those few thousand souls back to the right path. Not only that, but we would be able to raise the pure and sacred slogan of La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur-Rasulullah [There is none worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah] in the streets of London and Paris. But our ulema [clergymen] do not care if the future generations of Muslims meld with Christianity or Aryaism or openly wear Muslim clothing and at the same time have atheistic mind-sets. 

Khawaja sahib, if you are indeed what you claim to be, then God have mercy upon the fragile state of Islam today. After all, you are the true standard-bearer of Sultan Ji and Baba Farid Shakar Ganj, may Allah have mercy on them both. Islam only spread through Sufis and mystics and the Qadiani fortress can only be conquered through your struggles. 

Embodying the tongues of so many speechless Muslim children, I implore you that the time has now come to put a halt to the “wonders” that are often described as the doings of Sufis. 

Get up and rise; rise in God’s name, even if it means making vows at the tombs of past saints, but rise up and stand! Invoke blessings from the words of the Quran on those brave and passionate people. Otherwise, Khawaja sahib, mark my words: this is the age of science and every claim now requires evidential support. The irrational sermons of our ulema have led our youth to pursue the European way of life. 

If for any reason you – God forbid – fall short in showing such a miracle, the same educated class will consider narrations and marvels, such as the Drowning Marriage Procession and the Cry of a Saint for the Falling Walls of a Mosque, as unfounded [fables]. 

Now I present before you extracts from letters I received from Qadianis. I am in possession of the original letters:

Abdul Karim sahib and Mola Bakhsh sahib of Lahore write, “We are willing to come and partake in Khawaja sahib’s challenge in the Easter holidays at our own expense. We are not scholarly people. Only due to Allah’s grace and mercy have we been able to recognise and accept the Imam of the age and have forever sworn subservience to him.”

Dr Muhammad Shah sahib of Panipat writes, “If Khawaja sahib promises to show a sign from God, then I request you to please inform me via cable and I shall bear the expenses of your journey from Delhi to Nizamuddin [Dargah].”

In the end I submit one more request: In the event of you not being able to produce a sign, something which indeed you are incapable of, to save yourself further prevarication you should go and visit the Khalifa in Qadian, renounce your claims and accept the one year challenge that he has presented. 

The rational parties say that in one year no one will perish. Thus, you should make it a condition that if both of you remain alive [after the one year passes] then he – Mirza sahib Qadiani[ra] – will be considered a liar. 

Afterall, Maulvi Sanaullah sahib is also still among us [following the challenge he accepted]. I do not have much to offer, but what I can do is offer you a second-class ticket from my own pocket…

The prayers of millions are with you…

Yours faithfully,

Muhammad Sharif Hanafi of Pahari Bhojla, Delhi

[As with other opponents, Khawaja Hassan Nizami never did respond to the challenge.]

(Translated from the original Urdu)

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