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Al Fazl, 26 April 1919

The Summary of the most recent letter sent to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II [may Allah be pleased with him] by Qazi Muhammad Abdullah Sahib BA BT on 20 February 1919 is as follows:

Last year, two English Muslim converts – a man named Saeed and a woman named Saeeda – were united in marriage. Now, they have been blessed with a baby girl whom they have happily named Ameena. May Allah the Almighty make her pious and a source of blessings for the parents. 

The influenza pandemic is spreading widely. The death toll is rising in the cities outside London. An Indian Muslim convert of Hinduism who was united in marriage with a new convert woman suffered severe sickness for a week. His wife and child were also affected by it. May Allah the Almighty shower His mercy upon them.

A Jewish gentleman who teaches Hebrew in a school came over to the house. We had a discussion on Deuteronomy, chapter 18, verse 18 of the Bible. He was explained our point of view about the correlation in the dispensations of Mosesas and the Holy Prophetsa. Last Sunday, a lady embraced Islam and her request of Bai‘at was sent to be presented before Huzoor.

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Bournemouth, 1919 | Flickr – Alwyn Ladell

Through the benevolence of Allah the Almighty, Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib has been granted the opportunity to successfully convey the message of Islam in the city of Bournemouth where he has been residing for a period two months. Last week, of those who are being preached by him, two revered ladies … have embraced Islam. They have been given the Islamic names Midhat and Maryam respectively. All praise belongs to Allah. May Allah grant many more (fruits to Islam). Apart from these efforts, several articles of Hazrat Mufti Sahib carrying the subject of Islam have been published in the local newspapers.

In London, promulgation efforts are underway as always. Aside from the education and tarbiyat of the Muslim converts and their weekly classes being conducted at our building, public lectures are being delivered also. There is a revolutionary change in the way of thinking and beliefs of the people. May the day soon come when these people abandon false beliefs and accept the true Islam. Amin

Wassalam; Humbly yours

Qazi Abdullah BA, London

[Hazrat Muft Muhammad Sadiqra sent a letter which was published in the same issue of Al Fazl.]

According to the Daily Telegraph, a London based newspaper, 7,354,000 people were killed during or as a result of the last war. These individuals belong to 13 nations. The world had seldom witnessed such a grand scale destruction before. 

When the Promised Messiahas foretold this calamity, nobody would ever have imagined that a catastrophe of this magnitude would fall upon the world and these countries would be involved who were known for mutually settling their disputes owing to their high moral and educational standards. But it was necessary for the words of God to be fulfilled and it was proven to the world that Ahmadas, the Promised Messiah was a nabiyullah [prophet of Allah] whose prophesies are being fulfilled with remarkable grandeur.

An organisation for old ladies has been formed in America. It has been named “Sunset Organisation” as the sun of their life is about to set. The age for membership is above 60. The objective is to remove the fear of death from their hearts so that they can leave this world in peace and pass the rest of their lives cheerfully without any distress. A special gathering was held in the cemetery where a tea party was arranged. 150 members were present who were all between the ages of 60 and 90. I wrote a letter to the lady in charge of the organisation and conveyed the message of Islam. Furthermore, I highlighted the means to attain true pleasure and delivered the news of the second coming of the Promised Messiahas. Let’s see what reply I get.

Marquess of Crewe has published a letter in which he has pointed that during the war, vast libraries of Serbia were destroyed at the hand of the enemies and it is incumbent upon us to help the Serbian nation restore those libraries. In order to carry out this task, a committee has been formed in London, which is responsible for collecting and sending the money and books to Serbia. I sent twelve English magazines of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat along with a letter. Perhaps they happen to become a source of guidance for someone. The receipt of these books was received with thanks from the secretary of the Asiatic Society.

As the war has ended, inflation on food items and governmental restrictions and regulations are being lifted. Of all food items, the order of freely having pig’s meat has been published first and foremost. Anyone from anywhere can purchase and eat as much as they please … What benefit is there for us! Only once in a week is one pound of properly slaughtered meat available here for me, which costs nearly one rupee and four annas. It is cooked separately for me and lasts for two, three or four servings. Then, I pass the rest of my week on fish and vegetables. 

Two ladies who were being preached have embraced Islam. They have been given the Islamic names Maryam and Midhat. Their request of Bai‘at has been sent to be presented before Hazrat Khalifatul Masihra. (Editor: It has been received)

Muhammad Sadiq, Bournemouth

26 March 1919

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