100 Years Ago… – Mufti Sahib’s latest from USA (April 1922)


The Moslem Sunrise, April 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

During the last quarter, I have not been able to do much work on account of an awful attack of sickness (which was caused by the severity of the cold weather) and certain other difficulties. However, I delivered a few lectures in different places and carried on a correspondence of which the dispatches and the receipts numbered 600 and 2000, respectively, and this all was in addition to the interviews given to many inquirers and seekers after truth. Mr Yusuf Khan and Mrs Taha, (in addition to a part-time clerk employed for the purpose), helped me in the writing work. 

Thanks are due to Mr and Mrs Khilad, Mr and Mrs Khatib, Mr and Mrs H Murray, Mr and Mrs Taha and Mr and Mrs Kelly for their hospitalities and for nursing me during the days of my sickness.  I am much obliged to the Rev. Lady Jean Hooper for giving me twice an opportunity to give the message of the Prophet Ahmad[as] to her audience. 

Missionary epistles (with literature bearing the news of the appearance of the Promised Messiah[as]) were written to Princess Mary of England on her wedding; Twelve RC Chief Cardinals, while they were electing the new Pope;  Pope Pius XI on his election; Prince Regent Hirohito of Japan on his commencing military instructions; Wm. Reynolds, the Nebraska poet, on his […] matrimonial adventure; elder Charles Clark, leader of the Seventh Day Adventists; Chinese President Sun Yat Sen, on his wife being kidnapped; Commander CA Tron, head of Waldensian Church, the oldest Protestant Group, and some other celebrities in this country and abroad, taking advantages of events and occurrences about them. 

Following is the text of our letter sent to the Cardinals who have elected the Pope: 

“Right Reverend Sir: 

“At this time, when you are going to elect the new head of the Roman Catholic Church, I wish for you true guidance from Heaven to do just what is beneficial for humanity. 

“The Chief Central Authority in the religion is the Ever-Living God and no one else. Every Prophet and Messenger in his time manifests that Authority and therefore we have to believe in and respect all, but especially follow the directions of the latest of them. 

“Muhammad[sa], the Greatest of Prophets, appeared after the blessed Jesus Christ, who in this age reappeared in the person of the Prophet Ahmad[as]. So, the believers in God have to follow the Prophet of the Day under the guidance of his present successor, ‘Mahmud[ra]’. 

“However, the Holy Book, El-Quran prophesies the continuance of the Christians on the earth to the Day of Resurrection. Such being the case, we are interested to see a man of charitable tendencies and tolerable charities to stand at the head of 300 million of the Catholics. 

“With earnest prayers, I am, 

“Sincerely Yours, (Sd.) M Muhammad Sadiq.”

[Address to the Governor of Punjab]

The British Consuls General in Chicago, Boston, New York, and Detroit respectively, write to me that they read with great interest the address presented to His Honor, the Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, by the Ahmadia Brotherhood of that Province.


We thank Mian Fazl Hossain, Sanskrit Scholar, and Mr RA Arshad, for securing a number of new subscribers to this magazine out of the annual gathering at our headquarters, Qadian.

[Defence of faith]

Our dear Brother Shaikh Abdullah Din Muhammad was forced to fight in defence of faith against some prejudiced Christians who became mad because the Shaikh announced himself as a Muhammadan in a gathering. He had received some wounds while turning and coming out of the mob, but eventually the enemy suffered more than the Shaikh did.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original published in The Moslem Sunrise, April 1922)

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