100 Years Ago… – Tabligh in Medina and spread of Ahmadiyyat by opponent maulvis


Al Fazl, 12 May 1921

Tabligh of Ahmadiyyat in the Arab world

Hazrat Maulana Mir Muhammad Saeed Sahib Qadri, Amir Jamaat of Hyderabad, Deccan, after obtaining permission from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra], left Bombay [now Mumbai] for Medina on 30 April 1921 on a ship named “Humayun” with the blessed aim of carrying out tabligh of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya.

He intends to carry out tabligh [of Ahmadiyyat] in the Arab world by establishing a long-term centre of tabligh in Medina, insha-Allah

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In this blessed era of the second Khilafat, when Islam is progressing in Europe and America under the guidance of Fazl-e-Umar, the resolute [Khalifatul Masih IIra], it was necessary that the light which illuminated from the holy land of Arabia and enlightened the whole world, should shine again from the illuminated peaks of this land so that the following revelation of the Promised Messiahas may become manifest in the world with full radiance: 

[چُو‭ ‬دَورِ‭ ‬خسروى‭ ‬آغاز‭ ‬كردند]

مسلماں‭ ‬را‭ ‬مسلماں‭ ‬باز‭ ‬كردند

[When the reign of the monarch (Messiah) begins, the Muslims who were Muslims in name only will be reconverted to Islam.]

Before boarding the ship, Hazrat Maulana Sahib instructed me:

“Especially Hazrat Khalifatul Masih and family members of the Promised Messiahas, as well as Hazrat Maulvi Sher Ali Sahib, Maulana Syed Sarwar Shah Sahib, Hazrat Syed Abdus Sattar Shah Sahib, Hazrat Hafiz Roshan Ali Sahib and all the friends of the Jamaat, should be requested to continuously pray for me – a stranger in a foreign country. 

“Under the directions of our Imam and master, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra], that ‘we must deliver this light to that place from where we have received it’, I am going to the land of Arabia with this blessed message. No wonder they will recognise their lost pearl and eagerly collect it. 

“However, the problem is that as they [Arabs] were the rightful teachers for the whole world in the first era of Islam, they still consider themselves to be the same. The remedy for their condition is nothing but prayers. A sick person who feels he is ill may recover quickly, but (apart from a few exceptions), the [spiritually] sick of the Arabian world consider their illness to be health.

“Thus, leaving behind my extended circle of relations, in spite of my old age, weakness, inabilities and helplessness, in this tumultuous time, when the fire of war and conflict is spreading all over Arabia, putting my trust in Allah, sitting on the threshold of my beloved Holy Prophetsa, I will be engaged in tabligh and praying for all my elders, brothers and the whole Arab country, insha-Allah.”

From time to time, the tabligh report of the country of Arabia will be conveyed to the readers, insha-Allah!

Humbly yours, Syed Basharat Ahmad, Secretary Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Hyderabad […]

A request to righteous ones going for Hajj

O you who are going for Hajj! May Allah accept your Hajj and fulfil all your heartfelt desires and wishes. When you reach the city of [your] beloved [the Holy Prophetsa] and stay at the house of prayers [i.e.] Ka‘bah, raise your hands and pray to Allah: “O Almighty God! Through [the blessings of] Muhammadsa, grant our Imam, Hazrat Mahmudra, a very long life and keep him among us with perfect health for our leadership. Accept all of his prayers. May He soon guide all His enemies for whom guidance is destined.”

Then, invoking in the name of the leader of both the worlds [the Holy Prophetsa], pray that Allah the Almighty may grant full strength to the entire Ahmadiyya Jamaat to perform the services of religion and bestow His special help and consent on them.

Thereafter, pray that [Allah] saves all our missionaries in particular and the whole Jamaat in general from all the evils and calamities of the world and keeps them in His arms of protection. May Allah bless the lives and properties of the missionaries and shower many great blessings on their families and children.

Moreover, convey a very sincere and humble salaam and peace on the chief of all prophets, the Holy Prophetsa from me and my family.”

Much obliged, Fazal Muhammad Khan Ahmadi, Secretary Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Ambala Cantonment

Postal address of Maulvi Abdur Rahim Sahib Nayyar

Maulvi Sahib Nayyar has reached his destination, by the grace and mercy of God. Hence, his permanent postal address is given below, so friends should write to him on this very address:

Ahmadia Movement, 62. Bamlybare St. Lagos. S. P. Nigeria, West Africa

Spread of Ahmadiyyat by opponent maulvis

The following letter, which has recently been received by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II[ra], is a fresh example of the way in which the opponents and enemies of the Jamaat, the maulvis, are leading the spread of Ahmadiyyat:

“In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

“Praise and blessings be upon the Holy Prophetsa.

“To Hazrat Khalifatul Masih and Mahdi, may Allah be your helper; Mizaaj-e-muqaddas [a respectful word to enquire about the state of someone, especially used for saints or religious scholars]? My father has been a member of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat for almost a year. Hence, the announcement of his bai‘at has also been made. I had many doubts, so I held back. 

“Recently, a lawsuit regarding our mosque was filed in the court and the well-known maulvis of non-Ahmadis took a false oath in the court. This made me think that since it is mentioned in the hadith about the time of the appearance of the Imam Mahdi that faith would rise from the earth before his arrival, so those who are our imams [maulvis], when they have no hesitation in taking false oaths, then this means the faith has surely ascended to the skies and the Promised Messiahas was certainly true. Thus, [I am] sending this request for bai‘at to be presented before you. Please pray for me that Allah the Almighty may bestow religious and worldly blessings [upon me].” […]

Religious passion of Ahmadi women in Amritsar

“My wife, by the grace and mercy of God Almighty, began receiving chanda from the [Ahmadi] women for the Isha‘at-e-Islam American Fund [donations for the promulgation of Islam in America]. Despite the fact that each of our brothers has doubled their chanda in Amritsar and there is inflation as well and our Jamaat in Amritsar is also less privileged, still, by the grace of God Almighty, our sisters have not ceased in presenting chanda beyond their means. May Allah the Almighty grant them the best of rewards. Amin!

“In two months, the chanda received from women in the American Fund is 25 rupees and 8 annas [a unit of currency formerly used in the subcontinent, equal to 1/16 of a rupee]. Moreover, 15 rupees were received in Zakat and three rupees in sadaqah [charity]. A total of 43 rupees and 8 annas have been received. Members of the Jamaat are requested to pray that [Allah the Almighty may grant these women the strength] to do more religious services.”

Humbly yours, Allah Bakhsh, Wazir-e-Hind Press, Amritsar.

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original Urdu in the 12 May 1921 issue of Al Fazl)

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