100 Years Ago… – Verbal testimony of a pious man about the Promised Messiah a.s.


Akhbar Faruq, 29 July to 5-12 August, 1920

Respected editor sahib of Faruq [newspaper], may God bless you abundantly. First and foremost, I extend the gift of “Assalamo alaikum” [peace be upon you]. Then, I wish to express that there is a place [by the name of] Bath located on the bank of river Ravi at a distance of seven kos [one kos is equal to approximately two miles], south of our village.

A majzub faqir [a dervish immersed in God’s love] has been living there for a long time. Around 20 days ago, one of our Ahmadi brothers, along with a non-Ahmadi friend, happened to cross the path where that faqir sits. Our Ahmadi brother said “Assalamo alaikum” to him. In reply, he said, “Wa alaikumussalam.”

Hearing this answer, our Ahmadi brother discerned that as the faqir was willing to have discourse that day, he should enquire about something else as well. He then requested the faqir to pray for him.

Thus, the faqir prayed for his perseverance. Thereafter, he asked the faqir, “People say that Prophet Jesusas is about to descend from heaven. Will it really happen? And if so, when will it happen?” The faqir replied, “Bhai! That Jesus has passed away. He cannot come now.”

Then our brother said, “O Hazrat, a man [named] Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib has claimed to be the Messiah, Mahdi and Mujaddid in Qadian, district Gurdaspur. Is he right in his claim?” Faqir Sahib replied that he was absolutely truthful in his claim and every single person should take his Bai‘at.

After that, both of them bade farewell and left. They had just come a short distance when our brother asked his non-Ahmadi friend, “What do you say brother? The matter has been confirmed now and you people have perfect faith in such faqirs.” In reply to that, he said, “Since you are an Ahmadi, Faqir Sahib has conversed with you but he did not talk to me.”

Thereupon, our brother said, “We still have time. Let’s go back to Faqir Sahib and find out for yourself.” So they both went back. That time, the conversation took place between the non-Ahmadi and Faqir Sahib about the claim of Messiah. The exact same answer was received again.

After all that, if someone still refrains from accepting, it is due to their stubbornness. If someone is in doubt about the mentioned encounter, he can confirm from Nano Dogar, Tehsil Sharaqpur, as both of the said gentlemen are residents of that place.

Moreover, many other prophecies have come to the notice of the faqir, which are also confirmed by those who live there.

Muhammad Hussain Ahmadi, Alin [town], Tehsil Sharaqpur

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