100 Years Ago… – Well-known American newspaper writes on Hazrat Mufti Sahib


Al Fazl, 28 November 1921

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq

An article has been published on Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib in a well-known newspaper of Toledo, America. The following is […] the article for the information of the friends. The said newspaper writes:

“If you see a more or less venerable gentleman wearing a vivid green turban on Toledo streets this week, make obeisance. It is none other than Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of India, Bachelor of Philology, FPC, FC, Chrom., DLLT, ASP, MRAS.

“He is a missionary of Islam. He delivers lectures on Islam and Oriental subjects. He is staying in Toledo for meeting with Muslims. He has many more titles, but when one literally writes all the letters of the alphabet after someone’s name, the mention of all the titles at one stroke does not seem appropriate.

“There are around 50 Muslims in Toledo. Our learned doctor is their guest. He is staying at the house of Mr R Venson located at 726 Elm St, [Toledo, Ohio]. This person also owns a hotel on 529 Cherry Street.

“On the visiting card of Dr Sadiq is the Mohammadan motto in Arabic and beneath is the translation, ‘There is none adorable but God and Muhammad[sa] is Messenger of God.’

“The teaching of Islam, briefly outlined by this famous Muslim, is as follows:

“‘Worship the One God. Do not take any other god besides Him. Love God and His creation. Treat everyone with compassion and kindness. Respect the prophets of all religions. All human beings are sons of God. There should be no discrimination on the basis of colour or country. The Quran is God’s holy book that has come to unite all mankind. Muhammad[sa] is the leader prophet (Khatam-un-Nabiyyin).’ (Allahu Akbar)

“‘We are unitarians in the strictest sense,’ the Doctor explained. ‘That is, we do not believe in the trinity. We believe in a future life and that no soul shall ever come to nought. We do not believe in the transmigration of souls.’

“Dr Muhammad Sadiq stated that there would be an estimated 50,000 Muslims in the United States of America. There are 75 million Muslims in India as opposed to 200 million Hindus. The first [mosque] in America is nearing completion. It is located in the town of Detroit which is the headquarters of Dr Sadiq. This mosque will cost 25,000 pounds. 

“Dr Sadiq can speak and write in 7 to 8 languages. He holds a degree in FM Chrom. (expert in science of colours) from a London college related to colours. This means that the said graduate can determine the colours. He can identify the effect of colours on a personality, heal the sick through colours and interpret colours seen in dreams. Dr Sadiq says that, ‘All men are not affected by a particular colour in the same way. Every person should try to know their own colour.’

“Evidently, green is the colour with which he has the greatest connection, because he likes this colour for his ever-present turban with its brightest glare. This green turban is always with him in seclusion and gatherings.

“It hasn’t been decided whether or not Dr Sadiq will deliver a speech in Toledo. Dr Sadiq has just launched a quarterly magazine for free distribution. Its name is The Moslem Sunrise, i.e. the rising sun of Islam.

“When Dr Sadiq was in India, he was closely acquainted with the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. This is the same Mr Tagore who once gave a speech in Toledo.

“Dr Sadiq has been in America but little more than a year. English he speaks perfectly. He learned this language along with other languages in the universities of his homeland. His hands are the smallest imaginable for a man and in all his bearings is unmistakable refinement.

“He proudly states that many Americans have converted to Islam through his efforts.

“The missionary of Islam is the representative of the Ahmadiyya sect which is a relatively new movement. This movement teaches respect and reverence for the prophets of all religions. Dr Sadiq stated that Prophet Ahmad[as], who passed away in 1908, had predicted about the World War and the pitiable state of the Tsar of Russia.

“Dr Sadiq wears a green turban at all times. He said that, ‘The custom of this country is to take off your hat for honour but the custom of our country is to wear a turban or a hat to honour the guest.’

“Dr Sadiq said, ‘50 of our Muslims in Detroit belong to all kinds of races. These are all new converts. These people were part of other religions, but after entering into our religion, they have got hold of a comprehensive religion which encompasses all the religions of the world.’

“Referring to the practice of polygamy in Islam, Dr Sadiq stated that, ‘Many Christians practised polygamy even when King Justinian forbade it. Saint Augustine declared that polygamy was not a crime but a legitimate law of the land.

“‘Almost all the prophets whom Christians believe in had more than one wife, yet God was so pleased with them that He spoke to them face to face, but no Christian of this age has got the said honour. God revealed many laws and commandments through Prophet Moses[as] and other prophets but did not say a word against polygamy. There is something in this issue for Bible admirers that is worth pondering over.’

“However, Dr Sadiq says, ‘As for this country, my instruction is that a man should have one wife. He should love her by heart, keenly look after her safety, respect her with sincerity and carefully keep watch over her.’ He explained that the officers of the colonial settlements inquired from him, ‘Have you come to this country to teach polygamy?’ He replied, ‘If I promulgate this belief, I will become a violator of another rule of Islam. One of my clear teachings is to obey the laws of the ruler.” (Times, Toledo, 12 July 1921)

(Translated by Al Hakam from the Urdu provided in the 28 November 1921 issue of Al Fazl)

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