100 Years Ago… – Why Fatima Kathleen, an English convert, accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat!


Al Fazl, 5-8 April 1920

London’s weather

Even though the spring season has arrived, London’s sky, on the one hand, is still retaining the shades of winter and for the past two to three days, the sun is being veiled due to the fog and mist.

Capture 12

On the other hand, the clouds of terror have not yet been dispersed from the political climate. Meetings of the reconciliation conference are regularly taking place and special confidentiality is being maintained with respect to the publishing of news.

Today, the former prime minister, Mr Asquith reappeared in the arena of politics with his victory in Paisley’s election.

Most probably, he will lead the rising English public’s opinion against the current prime minister, Mr Lloyd George.

A storm of incivility is being raised against the ministry in relation to the issues of Russia and Constantinople. It is very sad to write that a part of the press of this country, against the views of the government of India, the minister of India and other acquaintances, under the influence of Christian prejudice, is taking such course with regard to the affairs of Turkey which is not in the best interest of the British Empire.

An English Ahmadi lady cook

The Lahori newspaper, Paigham-e-Sulh looked at some poor Ahmadi women with contempt by calling them wives of chefs. They have proven themselves to be الا انھم ھم السفھاء [Beware! it is surely they that are foolish] and have committed a terrible deed similar to the enemies of Islam.

On hearing the translation of this note [published in] Paigham, our dear sister Fatima Kathleen wrote the following letter for the members of Paigham [newspaper]. This letter will be self-evident as to what are the standards of English Ahmadis.

I just want to clarify that this letter has been written by respected Fatima herself. Unlike Khawaja Sahib, we did not write the subject [of the letter] and have it signed by her.

By the grace of God, the letter and its writer are both present and anyone can, at any time, test the faithfulness through writing or speech, which is entwined in the hearts of English Ahmadis after believing in “Hazrat Ahmadas Nabiyullah [Prophet of God].”

May Allah bless them with much more devotion. It is incredible that Respected Fatima does not yet know that her addressees are not non-Ahmadis. In fact, they are those unfortunate Ahmadis who, unfortunately, for the sake of material gains, considered the disclosure of their faith in Ahmadiyyat to be a deadly poison.

Reply to Paigham Below is the letter of Fatima…

“To the members of the Lahori Paigham, Assalam o Alaikum.

“I have learned that referring to the Ahmadi Muslims of London, one of the issues of your newspaper, Paigham, has stated, ‘wives of chefs’ and these words along with the rest of the context have been used to derogate us.

“You should understand that your words, instead of angering me, which should have been my natural reaction because I am proud to be one of these chefs’ wives, are motivating me to feel sorry and take pity for you. I talked to myself and contemplated on your matter and said that they claim that they are the followers of Muhammad Rasulullah [Prophet of Allah], peace be upon him, but they mockingly laugh at me for accepting Islam and they regard my Islam as worthless and they do not care whether my soul has been saved or not. Why is this so? Just because my husband and I earn a living by working with our own hands or because I have entered that community whose missionaries have tried in every way to bring me into this Jamaat.

“In fact, I believe in the same religion you put your faith in. However, the only difference is that the general misconceptions have been removed and that person has reformed them who was chosen by God to bring back the teachings of Muhammadsa Rasulullah to its original form. This reformation can be understood with the help of an example of a building which suffers from years of windy storms and needs repairing. Likewise, the teachings of Muhammadsa Rasulullah were subjected to similar circumstances and now they have been refreshed and restored.

“Moreover, I know full well that on many occasions, Muhammadsa Rasulullah used his hands without any feeling of shame to carry out the works of everyday life. Thus, on the basis of this knowledge, I say that your hateful statement is definitely unjust.

“Respected fellows! I did not write these lines to answer in the same kind but rather, I want to tell you that I have been taught the beautiful and reasonable teachings of Ahmadas and certainly, a large number of rational people have accepted Ahmadas.

“Now, ask the following questions to yourself:

1. Does Hazrat Ahmadas consider himself superior to Muhammadsa Rasulullah?

2. Has Hazrat Ahmadas given us an entirely new religion?

3. Does Hazrat Ahmadas annul the teachings of the Holy Quran in any way?

4. Are Hazrat Ahmad’sas teachings impossible and difficult to act on?

“The answer to all the above questions is ‘No’ and certainly ‘No.’ The teaching of God’s Messengersa has been tampered owing to his absence and in some cases, attempts have been made to eradicate it altogether. It is now irrational to say that the teaching of Rasulullahsa is as pure and perfect in the Muslims as it was at the time of the downpour of revelation.

“Is it then impossible for God to choose a holy man and through him, restore the beautiful teachings to its true form? Prophets have appeared in every age. They have always been accepted and some of them have been denied as well. So take lesson from my endeavour and carry out research about the claims of Hazrat Ahmadas. I pray that Allah Almighty grant you the strength to accept the truth. Amin!

“I request my Ahmadi brothers and sisters to double their efforts now to achieve Ahmad’sas holy objectives and remember that in England alone, there are hundreds of souls who will express joy in your victory and show compassion towards your hardships.

“I shall happily correspond with every Ahmadi and non-Ahmadi who will contact me through Ahmadiyya Mission, 4 Star Street, Edgware Road, London, W2

“From Mrs Muhammad Fatima Kathleen.”

Two new Muslims

By the grace of Allah, an American gentleman and a German lady have joined the true Jamaat. Their names will be given in next week’s issue, Insha-Allah!


Letter from the President of the Republic of France

This humble one wrote a letter of congratulations to M Paul Deschanel, the new President of the Republic of France on the occasion of his taking office of the state and explained those specific teachings of the Promised Messiahas, which are centered on the betterment of both the Muslims and their rulers.

In response, he sent a special card of acknowledgement and expressed his gratitude.

Letter from the Prime Minister of the UK


In response to the resolutions that were sent to the dignitaries after the confirmation of reconciliation agreement, in which it was explained that the British victory happened in accordance with the prophecy of the Promised Messiahas and a sign of the truthfulness of the Messengersa of Almighty Allah was highlighted, the following reply has been received from the respected Prime Minister of the UK:

“Dear Sir,

“The Prime Minister has wished me to express gratitude for your letter and the resolution conveying congratulation on the confirmation of reconciliation agreement.

“Yours sincerely, E Evans.”

Southsea Jamaat


A port in the south of British Islands is known by the name of Southsea. It has a population of a dozen Ahmadis. Every once in a while, Ahmadi missionaries visit the members of this local Jamaat for their tarbiyat and education and also carry out tabligh to the non-Ahmadi public. It is here that Maulvi Fateh Muhammad Sayal gave lectures in the time of his earlier stay in the UK and sowed the seed of Ahmadiyyat.

After him, respected Qazi and Mufti visited that place and delivered speeches. By the grace of Allah, the seed sown by Fateh Muhammad is now a fruitful tree with the irrigation of Qazi and Mufti.

Moreover, the people of the Jamaat continue to carry out tabligh over there in their own way.

Ahmadas and his mission

Maulvi Fateh Muhammad Sayal decided to go to the Southsea on repeated requests from Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Southsea and Theosophy Society of Southsea. Before leaving, he sent a list of topics of his lectures to the Theosophy Society, so that they could select one of the subject for the speech, and in this way both, the task of conveying the message of Islam to the general public and meeting with the local Jamaat could be achieved simultaneously.

Upon receiving this list, the subject which was selected according to the need of the age by the secretary of Theosophy Society from more than a dozen topics and considered an elixir for the spiritually parched souls in the land of England, was, “Ahmad and his mission.”

Summary of the lecture

The society’s lecture hall was full of a keen audience during the speech and every man and woman was waiting for Fateh Muhammad to hear the message of Ahmadas. The knowledgeable speaker quite remarkably impressed the subject of his [lecture] on the minds of the audience. If described briefly, below is the summary of the subject on which he laid emphasis:

“Now, it is Divine providence to unite the East and the West through the teachings of Hazrat Ahmadas. You should bear in mind that England and Russia will be the first to accept Islam. As all the prophecies about the war of Europe, the victory of the British, and the plight of the Tsar have been fulfilled, so too will this prediction be fulfilled.

“Unfortunately, the world laughs when they hear about the occurrence of future events and when the prophethood reaches the zenith of success, they look for reasons. Listen! Ahmadiyyat will overwhelm you. The land of your hearts will be conquered and the words of God will be fulfilled.”

An opportunity for questions and answers was given after the lecture but the audience was so dumbfounded that no one dared to ask any question. However, some people met the speaker separately and thanked him. They promised to contemplate on the subject [of the lecture]. Ahmadis were delighted and non-Ahmadis were happy.

Moreover, Allah Almighty inspired a noble natured English white “bird” to become Muslim. All praise belongs to Allah; the name of this new brother will be published in the next issue, insha-Allah!

Song of a white bird

Praise be to Allah that this poor Ahmadiyya Jamaat of London is now capable enough to not only have its male members deliver lectures, but women are also not far behind men in expressing their inner feelings.

You [readers] have previously read “the new year’s message” from Sister Haneefa Bekon. Now you would be happy [to hear] that last Sunday, another white bird sang the praises [i.e. explained the attributes] of the true religion of Islam in the tune of Ahmadiyyat and expressed the pride and honour that this poor bird is fortunate to have by falling prey to the holy huntsman [of noble souls].

In other words, a new convert Ahmadi lady, respected Fatima Kathleen gave a speech at the Ahmadiyya lecture hall on the subject of “Why have I accepted Islam?”

Summary of the speech

After reciting the Surah al-Fatihah in the Arabic language with an English accent and then translating it into English, she said that after comparing the teachings of Christianity and Islam from English translations of the Bible and the Holy Quran and listening to the sermons of Ahmadi missionaries, my verbal faith has been replaced with haqqul-yaqin [true certainty]. Now, I get spiritual food in Ahmadiyyat which is the true Islam. Fatima Kathleen, may Allah safeguard her, presented the prophecies of the Promised Messiahas to prove that Islam is a living religion. She narrated the prophecies about the pitiable condition of the Tsar and the sermon of Hazrat [Ahmadas] in London.

Furthermore, apart from other concepts of Islam, she laid great emphasis on the justification of the concept of polygamy and highlighted its need after explaining the rising immorality in London and the abundance of women.

Some phrases of the speech

“I was a sinner, I admit but I am now saved. Mr Muhammad Suleiman Faith not through blood. Yes, yes, certainly not through blood but in fact through my faith in the blessed one of Ahmad of Qadian, peace be upon him.

“Friends! I am proud to say, ‘I am a white bird of Ahmad, the Messenger of the latter days. Peace be on him and on the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.”

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