13-19 July


14 July 1894: The Promised Messiah’sas Arabic book Sirr-ul-Khilafa was published on this day. In it, Huzooras discusses the difference that exists between the Sunnis and the Shiites on the issue of Khilafat after the Holy Prophetsa and gave very convincing proof of the fact that all four Khulafa of Islam were the rightly guided Khalifas, and that Hazrat Abu Bakrra was the best of them all and like a second Adam for Islam.

He has taken up the objections that the Shiites raise against the first three Khulafa and has answered them at some length. He calls upon those who differ with him on this view, for a prayer duel. He also explains the prophecy about the appearance of Mahdi and proves his own claim to be that person. The reason why this book was written in Arabic was to expose the hollowness of the claim of his opponents to the learned people. The main part of the book is in Arabic with an announcement in Urdu. At the end of the book, Hazrat Ahmadas has appealed to them that they should not make decisions about him in haste. He also explains the nature of angels. 

14 July 1903: On this day, Hazrat Sahibzada Syed Abdul Lateefra was martyred in a barbaric way in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was a Tuesday. He was a very revered person and had tens of thousands of followers. He was so respected that the ruler of country invited him at his coronation to perform the crowning ceremony. He had read some of the books of the Promised Messiahas that made a deep impression on him. He visited Qadian in 1902 to have an audience with Hazrat Ahmadas. He accepted Ahmadiyyat in his first meeting with the Promised Messiahas. He immensely enjoyed the company of the Promised Messiahas so much so that he decided to stay in Qadian a little longer. During his stay, he received revelations repeatedly forewarning him to be prepared to sacrifice himself for Ahmadiyyat.

Eventually he went back to Afghanistan with Huzoor’s consent. He was buried up to his waist in the ground and stoned. The stoning continued until his soul departed from his body and returned to Allah.

On his martyrdom, the Promised Messiah(as) expressed his grief in the following words:

“O Abdul Lateef, may you be blessed thousands of times as you proved your sincerity in my lifetime … This was a most merciless killing that has no match in this age. What folly has this Amir committed that he has ruined himself by his merciless killing of such an innocent person. O land of Afghanistan, bear witness that a grave offence has been committed in you. O unfortunate land, you have fallen in the estimation of God in that this great tragedy was enacted in you.”

The country has been in turmoil ever since Hazrat Sahibzada Sahibra was martyred.



Hazrat Sahibzada Abdul Lateef Shaheed r.a.

14 July 1907: The Promised Messiahas went to Batala from Qadian to receive his family members as they returned from Lahore after ten days.

15 July 1890: The Promised Messiahas was in Ludhiana, and details of his poor health emerge from reading the letters he sent in those days.

15-17 July 1901: The Promised Messiahas went to Gurdaspur courts for legal proceedings of the Wall Case. In early 1900, Mirza Imam Din, a cousin of Hazrat Ahmadas, began to erect a brick wall to block the lane which led to the south entrance of Masjid Mubarak. Ahmad’sas visitors and guests were all inconvenienced. If they wanted to offer prayers in the mosque or see Hazrat Ahmadas, they had to take a long winding way with which they were not familiar. As the direct and most frequently used way was now completely blocked, Hazrat Ahmadas was practically besieged by his enemies. In short, all efforts from the Ahmadiyya camp failed to solve the dire situation. Finally, a legal case was put forward. On this day, Hazrat Ahmadas was summoned as a defense witness. Huzooras left Qadian in a palanquin at about 7am on 15 July 1901. Hazrat Maulvi Nuruddinra, Hazrat Sheikh Yaqub Ali Irfanira and other friends got into yakkas (horse-pulled carts) to go to Gurdaspur via Batala, while Hazrat Ahmadas went direct and reached there at about 3pm. As requested by Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib, the party stayed at the house of his father-in-law, Munshi Nabi Bakhsh Sahib. Khawaja Kamaluddin Sahib came from Peshawar in the evening. It was very hot and Hazrat Ahmadas was not feeling very well, so he could not sleep the whole night. Huzooras left for the court at about 10am on the 16th and stopped at the south-eastern corner of the pakka tank in front of the courts as they were situated then. There were about 40 persons in the party. As Hazrat Ahmadas sat there on a carpet waiting for the court call, the multitude flocked to see him from all directions. In a few minutes the hearing of the case began and Khawaja Kamaluddin Sahib and Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib – pleaders in the case – went in. After the statements of Bur Singh and Sant Singh who were defense witnesses, Hazrat Ahmadas presented his statement in court.

18 July 1900: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Miyan Shadi Khan Sahibra lauding his financial sacrifice and termed it a sacrifice akin to the sacrifices of the Holy Prophet’ssa Companionsra

18 July 1947: Hazrat Dr Mir Muhammad Ismailra passed away. He was younger brother of Hazrat Amma Janra. The Promised Messiahas was foretold that he would be appointed as an “assistant surgeon” while he was still a student in medical college. He stood first in the Punjab in the final examination from Medical College Lahore and was appointed as Assistant Surgeon. He was appointed as Civil Surgeon in 1928 and retired in 1936. A deep sense of spirituality can be felt from his prose and poetry.

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