17-23 August


17 August 1895: The Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas says that one day, when he was reading the Holy Quran and pondering over it with deep concentration, his eyes stopped at a certain verse regarding Mecca. This verse appeared before his eyes extraordinarily and Huzooras felt that it was a treasure of knowledge and of spiritual secrets. Hazrat Ahmadas became very glad and exclaimed, “Alhamdolillah!” Huzooras says that it was made clear to him that that verse pointed towards the excellence of the Arabic language and also to the fact that Arabic is the mother of all languages. It is this theme that he has expounded on and explained in his book Minan-ur-Rahman. Hazrat Ahmadas intended this book to be published in December 1895, but for some reason it could not be published in his lifetime. It eventually got published in 1915. Later, Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Mazhar produced a series of books on this topic, on the origin of languages in light of this above-mentioned book of the Promised Messiahas.

17 August 1899: The Promised Messiahas received a letter from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, in which the sender asked him to write on oath that he was that Messiah who was prophesied in the Holy Quran and books of Hadith. The Promised Messiahas took paper and pen and wrote down the demanded wording.

17 August 1903: The Promised Messiahas embarked on his journey towards Gurdaspur, after saying Zuhr and Asr prayers in congregation. The purpose behind this was to attend the hearing of a lawsuit filed by Karam Din. Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmadra was also part of the entourage. Hazrat Ahmadas made a night-stay in Batala in an inn situated near the railway station. Dusk and night prayers were offered there in congregation.

18 August 1902: Mirza Ahsan Baig formally requested to be part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. He was the grandson of Mirza Ahmad Baig, son-in-law of Mirza Ahmad Baig and brother-in-law of Muhammadi Begum. 

19 August 1948: Ahmadi Army Officer, Major Mahmood Ahmad came under a mob attack in Quetta and embraced martyrdom in the newly born state and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

20 August 1903: The Promised Messiahas arrived back in Qadian from Gurdaspur from the aforementioned journey.

20 August 1904: The Promised Messiahas departed on his journey of Lahore, during the course of which, he delivered the historic lecture now famously known as Lecture Lahore.

20 August 1941: Hazrat Munshi Zafar Ahmadra of Kapurthala passed away. This esteemed companion was amongst the very early, devoted and close companions of Hazrat Ahmadas

21 August 1992: Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IVrh established Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (MTA). This satellite-based channel broadcast its first show on 21 August 1992 from London. It started with a weekly one-hour programme, transmitting the Friday Sermon.

22 August 1901: During litigation in the famous “wall case”, on this day, under court orders, the cousins tore down the wall that they had previously erected with their own hands.

22 August 1945: During the Second World War, Ahmadi Missionaries appointed in Indonesia bravely faced the troublesome times and saw the mercy of Allah descending from the heavens. As Japanese forces made dramatic advancements and took over the country, they captured the Ahmadis too. These men of God were subjected to savage torture. 

It was finally decided and conveyed by the jail authorities to execute the missionary Maulvi Muhammad Sadique Sahib. The precise date and time of hanging was fixed for the night of 23 August. On the other hand, Ahmadis as always, turned to their Lord and offered humble and sincere supplications. God Almighty foretold the good news and showed a magnificent sign as the Japanese surrendered to the allied forces in Indonesia. This extraordinary development led to the survival of the Ahmadis there. 

23 August 1897: The court of Captain Douglas, after completing its proceedings, declared the Promised Messiahas not guilty. The Judge dismissed the charges of attempted murder as levelled by a prominent Christian missionary, Henry Martyn Clarke. Hazrat Ahmadas was present in court when the verdict was announced.

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