19-25 October


19 October 1924: Hazrat Musleh Maudra laid the foundation stone of the Fazl Mosque, London on this day. The foundation stone laying ceremony was attended by 200 guests



Never before seen angle of the prayer at Fazl Mosque’s foundation stone laying | Ahmadiyya ARC


20 October 1891: The Promised Messiahas went to Delhi’s main mosque sitting in a light carriage. There was a large gathering of people chanting slogans against him, so Huzooras had to come back in the protection of a police vehicle. 

20 October 1899: The Promised Messiahas wrote: “In a dream, I saw a boy whose name was Aziz and his father’s name began with Sultan. That boy was brought before me and was seated before me. I noticed that he was slim and had a fair complexion.”

At the end of February 1906, about six years after seeing this dream, Hazrat Mirza Aziz Ahmad, son of Hazrat Mirza Sultan Ahmad, took the Bai‘at at the hand of the Promised Messiahas and joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

21 October 1904: The Promised Messiahas received three guests in Qadian who were all Christians and intended to personally meet the Promised Messiahas

22 October 1903: An Australian convert, Abdul Haq, reached Qadian to see the Promised Messiahas.  

22 October 1905: The Promised Messiahas embarked on his journey towards Delhi, the ancestral hometown of his wife, Hazrat Nusrat Jehan Begum Sahibara. The family departed at 8am from Qadian and reached Batala at 10am. Zuhr and Asr prayers were offered after which lunch was served. At 1:35pm, the train set off for Amritsar. From there, the next leg of the journey commenced at 9pm.

24 October 1902: A debate started on this day in Mudd, a small village in the district of Amritsar, between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis. The Promised Messiahas has given its details in his book, Ijaz-e-Ahmadi (The Miracle of Ahmad).

24 October 1905: The Promised Messiahas was in Delhi where he paid a visit to the shrines of saints in the city and offered prayers for them. 

25 October 1903: Abdur Rahim, the youngest son of Hazrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khanra, suffered a severe fever which continued for a fortnight. His senses were disturbed, he experienced episodes of faintness, and he finally began to experience burning sensations. The Promised Messiahas was requested every day to pray for him, something which he continuously carried on. On this day, the Promised Messiahas was told with great agony that his life was almost despaired of. Huzooras was praying for him in Tahajjud when it was disclosed to him in a Divine revelation:

تقدیر مبرم ہے اور ہلاكت مقدر

“The decree is unchangeable and his death had been decreed.”

The Promised Messiahas said: “I was severely distressed at this awe-striking revelation and quite involuntarily the words escaped my lips: ‘O Allah, if there is no time left for supplication, I beg to intercede, for there is time for intercession.’

Immediately thereafter, I received a revelation [Arabic – ‘…Who is it that can intercede without His permission?’] This majestic revelation made me tremble and I was struck with fear and awe that I had interceded without permission. One or two minutes later, I received the revelation: 

اِنَّكَ اَنْتَ الْمَجَاز

‘Surely, you have permission.’”

Thereafter, Abdur-Rahim made a recovery stage by stage and whoever looked at him was filled with gratitude to God Almighty and admitted that such a one who was dead had undoubtedly been brought back to life.

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