24th National Ijtema Majlis Ansarullah Belgium 2019


Mohammad Arsalan Ahmad, Belgium Correspondent

Majlis Ansarullah Belgium had the opportunity to hold its 24th National Ijtema, on 22 and 23 June at Baitul Raheem Mosque, Alken.

On Saturday, the programme started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and nazm. The session was presided by Anwar Hussain Sahib, acting Amir Jamaate-Ahmadiyya Belgium. The inaugural speech was given by respected NA Shameem Sahib, National Sadr Ansarullah Belgium, who explained the importance of obedience, which was the theme of the Ijtema this year.

After the opening session, academic competitions took place. After lunch and Salat, Tahir Mahdi Sahib, Manager Al Fazl International gave a speech on the importance of reading Al Fazl.

At 3pm, the Ansar brothers went for the sports competitions, where they showed a good level of sportsmanship.

In the afternoon, the markazi representative, Abdul Khaliq Khalid Sahib, delivered a speech regarding the importance of obedience and personal observations of the acceptance of the prayers of Khulafa.

The second day started with congregational Tahajud prayer and Fajr followed by Dars-ul-Quran. After breakfast, at 9am, sports competitions were held for the finals of volleyball, football, tug of war and badminton. Many Ansar, along with guests, were present to support the players. After Zuhr and Asr prayers, the remaining academic competitions were held, after which the closing session was held in which the winners were awarded.

On the first day, the total presence was 150, and on the second day, the total attendance was 138 Ansar along with guests.

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