26 June – 2 July


In this third year of Al Hakam, we will present a selection of incidents from the blessed life of the Promised Messiah, peace be upon him, this time, with some more details

26 June 1907: The Promised Messiah, peace be upon him, was always passionate to establish high morals in humankind and he implored every medium to inculcate true piety and self-purification. Almost all his writings and speeches contain heartfelt teachings and advice in this regard. On this date, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas extended the idea of preparing placards and hanging charts for Ahmadi households to be placed on prominent points in buildings so that every member of the Jamaat is reminded of their duties. The idea was discussed over a few days but owing to other engagements of Hazrat Ahmadas, it could not be implemented. This scheme was titled “Alwah-ul-Mahdi”, which means “tablets of the Mahdi”.

29 June 1889: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra. In it, Hazrat Ahmadas commented on the Muslim organisation, Anjuman Himayat-e-Islam, which had sent some queries of a certain Christian to be answered. Hazrat Ahmadas criticised the approach and practice of this body and stated that he was extremely busy and his health was feeble too. Despite all these issues, he drafted answers to the two questions out of love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. This letter also hints towards the love and longing of the Promised Messiahas for Hazrat Maulvi Nuruddinra.

29 June 1898: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Hazrat Mian Shadi Khanra addressing him as his considerate and beloved brother. In it, Huzooras shared a description of Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Fazl Dinra. As Hakim Sahibra had married twice but did not have any children, Huzooras instructed Mian Shadi Khan Sahibra to perform istikhara (prayer for seeking a positive outcome). Huzooras wished that Hakim Fazl Din Sahibra could get married in the house of Mian Shadi Khan Sahibra. Hazrat Ahmadas, despite being greatly occupied, was so compassionate for his companions that he would provide them assistance even in their personal lives.

30 June 1893: The Promised Messiahas replied to the letter of Padri Jawala Singh, who earlier sent a lengthy letter to Huzooras. In this letter, Hazrat Ahmadas logically refuted the false assumptions of Padri Sahib through deriving arguments from the Bible and logic.

30 June 1902: The Promised Messiahas wrote a touching letter to Hazrat Haji Seith Allah Rakha Abdur Rahmanra citing his recent observation. Huzooras said that the previous day, at noon, he was sitting alone in one of the porches of his house, where he saw four cats carry a sparrow’s neck in their jaws one after the other. They mercilessly smote the poor bird on the floor multiple times, but out of compassion, he had to divert his attention towards them. As the small bird was under attack, suddenly, the sparrow found a chance to flee as the cats were in the process of passing the bird over to the other. The sparrow flew to a nearby tree, leaving the cats in utmost despair. Huzooras wrote that he considered it a time for the acceptance of prayers, hence he prayed for Seith Sahibra that Allah may set him free from the jaws of abominable enemies.

30 June 1904: The Promised Messiahas was told in an Urdu revelation that God would fulfill all of his desires.

30 June 1906: The Promised Messiahas replied to the letters of Hazrat Syed Nasir Shahra and shared details of his recent gout. Hazrat Ahmadas also commented on some items he received from this devout follower.

July 1893: The Promised Messiah’sas Arabic book, Tohfa-e-Baghdad was published. It is narrated that at the same time, Huzooras was occupied in writing his next Arabic book, Karamat-us-Sadiqin.

July 1899: The Promised Messiahas started writing his book Taryaq-ul-Qulub. This book was published years later. Contrary to all claims and allegations, the writing and publishing dates of this book have a gap of many years (written in 1899 and published in 1902).

June/July 1901: Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahmanra (the first martyr of Ahmadiyyat) was murdered in Afghanistan in these months in a concentration camp of Kabul. His only crime was that he accepted the Imamas of the time. The news of this sad event reached Qadian in late 1901.

July 1906: Another magazine commenced its publication from Qadian, called Talim-ul-Islam. Before this, there were three magazines being published from this relatively small village; The Review of Religions (English and Urdu), Tabib Haziq and Tash-heez-ul-Azhan. Hazrat Syed Sarwar Shahra was its editor and the headmaster of Talim-ul-Islam School. Hence, the publication of this magazine was done under the school administration. The primary purpose was to spread the true meaning and interpretation of the Holy Quran. This magazine contained brief notes taken from Quran classes conducted by Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra, with a gist of his Arabic interpretation of the Holy Quran and the interpretation of the Holy Quran by the editor. Moreover, this magazine used to publish revelations of the Promised Messiahas as well as news about school events. This magazine remains a primary source of the unique interpretation of the Quran by Hazrat Syed Sarwar Shahra. Unfortunately, it could not endure and from May 1907, it was published as an appendix of The Review of Religions.

1 July 1890: The Promised Messiahas updated his trusted friend, Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira about his ongoing health problems. Huzooras informed him that God Almighty was the Sustainer of all things and the Best Planner, hence there was nothing left to worry about, so he should never lose hope and weaken his trust in God.

1 July 1898: The Promised Messiahas shared his unyielding faith and strong connection with God Almighty with Hazrat Haji Seith Allah Rakha Abdur Rahmanra through a letter. Huzooras stated that he was praying intently for Hazrat Seith Sahibra. In this letter, Hazrat Ahmadas shared his deep insight on this temporal life and guided him to rightly grasp the teachings of the Quran.

2 July 1888: The Promised Messiahas replied to a letter of Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira. Huzooras informed him about the deteriorating health condition of his son, Bashir Ahmad, after arriving back to Qadian from Batala. The child had developed multiple issues, for instance, typhoid fever, dysentery and in the meanwhile, diarrhea added to his woes. Hazrat Ahmadas stated that in this condition, it was not possible for him to continue with his publishing of books.

2 July 1892: The Promised Messiahas expressed sorrow in a letter to Hazrat Mian Fateh Muhammadra as he had lost his job again. Hazrat Ahmadas shared his sympathies and instructed him to remain punctual in his five daily prayers and be regular in daily supplications and seeking forgiveness from Allah as God Almighty is the Omnipotent.

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