28 August – 3 September


In this third year of Al Hakam, we will present a selection of incidents from the blessed life of the Promised Messiah, peace be upon him, this time, with some more details

28 August 1892: The Promised Messiahas sent a letter to Hazrat Pir Siraj-ul-Haq Numanira confirming that his letter and Chanda had been received. Hazrat Ahmadas stated that not a single copy of his book, Nishan-e-Asmani was available in stock as people bought them instantly. Huzooras also suggested to him that he could now easily book a copy of the next book, Dafi-ul-Wasawis, which would be out in the coming weeks.

Hazrat Pir Siraj ul Haq Nomani RA
Hazrat Pir Siraj-ul-Haq Numanira

28 August 1898: The Promised Messiahas replied to a letter of Hazrat Haji Seith Allah Rakha Abdur Rahmanra, guiding him on the precautions that must be taken in terms of the cholera outbreak. Hazrat Ahmadas also assured him that he had prepared medicine for patients of the plague, which would be shared with him if it was needed in his part of India, Madras (modern day Chennai).

28 August 1900: The Promised Messiahas dispatched a brief note for his devout disciple, Hazrat Mian Shadi Khanra. Huzooras instructed him to reach Qadian immediately after receiving this note and further details would be shared upon his arrival there.

28 August 1901: Al Hakam reports that the Promised Messiahas said on the morning of this day, “My opponents are of two types: Muslim maulvis and European Christians. Both of them, respectively, extend their opposition to me and their unfair attacks upon Islam incessantly. Today, I was shown a scene of both of these people and a state of revelation was experienced, the details of which I do not recall.

“About the Christians, an impression was conveyed that many of them would value the truth; but with regard to the maulvis, I conceived the impression that most of them would be rendered helpless.”

28 August 1904: The Promised Messiahas was in Lahore and delivered a lecture at 7am.

29 August 1899: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Hazrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khanra on this date. In it, Hazrat Ahmadas introduced him to a newly prepared vernacular medicine, curing multiple ailments and weaknesses. Huzooras shared its ingredients, their high costs, dosages and other related issues. In the second part of this letter, Hazrat Ahmadas unveiled the scheme and preparations of the proposed research mission that would travel to the Middle East, specifically to Nusaybin (presently, a city located in the Mardin province of Turkey, near the border of Syria) to collect further evidence and record the oral history of the indigenous population regarding the escape journey of Prophet Jesusas. Huzooras drew the attention of Hazrat Nawab Sahibra to fully sponsor one member of this delegation, who happened to be the personal worker of Nawab Sahibra.

30 August 1883: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Mir Abbas Ali Sahib of Ludhiana, shedding light on various spiritual concepts. In this detailed letter, Huzooras comprehensively explained to Mir Sahib some excerpts from the preeminent book, Futuh-ul-Ghaib (Revelation of the Unseen) by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilanirh (a Hanbali Sunni Muslim preacher, ascetic, mystic, jurist and theologian, who was known for being the eponymous founder of the Qadiriyya tariqa of Sufism), where four stages of seekers are discussed. Moreover, after informing him about the completion of the staircase built for Masjid Mubarak, Hazrat Ahmadas wrote, “Probably the day before yesterday, i.e. on Tuesday, I looked at the mosque and immediately, another revelation was received from God Almighty:

فیہ برکات للناس

“That is, ‘In it are blessings for mankind.’”

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30 August 1888: The Promised Messiahas wrote back to Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira that he would dispatch the announcement he was asking for after finding a copy of it. Hazrat Ahmadas advised him that he should learn English for basic needs, as all languages are from God and so there was nothing odd in learning them and only good intentions are required to go further in this field.

30 August 1891: The Promised Messiahas replied to a letter of Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra on this date. In it, Huzooras updated him regarding the printing of his book, Izala-e-Auham. Hazrat Ahmadas wrote that the main chapters of this book were ready and being printed, but he wanted to add points covering newly emerging misunderstandings. Huzooras mentioned that some notable members of his community from Lahore had invited clerics through writing letters to them for a decisive debate with him regarding life and death of Jesusas. Hazrat Ahmadas expected that his opponents would publish hundreds of books against his claims and writings.

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31 August 1901: Babu Ghulam Mustafa, Municipal Commissioner of Wazirabad, Punjab visited Qadian on this date. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiahas made a detailed speech on this occasion, elaborating on various matters and answering questions regarding the divine message of the Messiah that hadn’t previously been addressed. The editor of Al Hakam recorded these gems in many issues of the newspaper.

31 August 1902: While replying to his letter, the Promised Messiahas guided his devout companion, Hazrat Haji Seith Allah Rakha Abdur Rahmanra about the ways to deal with the hardships of this mundane world. This devout disciple was facing many setbacks in his businesses and loans and other liabilities were bothering him. Hazrat Ahmadas, while soothing his fears, showed him the right path to deal with worldly affairs.

31 August 1905: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Hazrat Dr Mir Muhammad Ismailra in which he gave important matrimonial advice comprising basic matters for before and after marriage. This letter conveys Huzoor’sas deep insight into core social issues, human behaviour in certain given situations and his profound medical knowledge.

September 1886: The Promised Messiahas travelled to Ambala during the months of September, October and November. His residence was in the house of Muhammad Latif in Sadr Ambala, Nagphani, in the village of Ghusiyan.

September 1894: The Promised Messiah’sas book, Anwar-ul-Islam was published.

September 1896: The Promised Messiahas sent out an invitation to Muslim scholars and sufis for a mubahala (prayer duel). This announcement was published under the name Dawat-e-Qaum (invitation to the nation). The announcement is included in Anjam-e-Atham.

1 September 1888: During the first week of September, the Promised Messiahas suffered a fever due to the weather. As a result, the system of correspondence was affected during this period.

2 September 1887: In response to his letter, the Promised Messiahas guided Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira regarding a certain pressing issue on this date. Huzooras updated him that the requested items, like cooking oil and paan leaves, had been received and their payment would reach Butey Khan by tomorrow. Hazrat Ahmadas reminded him to look for a suitable maid to help in nursing the newborn Bashir Awwal (the first). Huzooras emphasised that this required maid should be decent natured.

Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira

2 September 1889: The Promised Messiahas wrote to Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira that seeing God Almighty in one’s dream is a very good omen. Hazrat Ahmadas replied to him by saying that he could not forget him in his prayers as he was special and choicest amongst his devout companions and God always looks with special favour towards His special servants.

2 September 1892: The Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Hazrat Mian Abdullah Sanaurira, in which Huzooras told him that his book, Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam was being published. Hazrat Ahmadas added that he had been praying for Hazrat Mian Abdullah Sahib’sra success in a certain court case and was delighted to learn that he would pay a visit to Qadian.


2 September 1898: The Promised Messiahas shared his love and care while replying to a letter of Hazrat Haji Seith Allah Rakha Abdur Rahmanra. Huzooras stated that it is most likely that when he falls asleep, Huzooras remains occupied in praying for him. Such was the profound love Hazrat Ahmadas had for his followers.

2 September 1904: The Promised Messiahas was residing in Lahore. On the blessed day of Friday, after Jumuah prayer, the Promised Messiahas delivered a lecture. On the same day, a Bahai by the name of Hakim Mirza Mahmud Zarkani sent the Promised Messiahas a challenge to a debate; the Promised Messiahas gave him a full response.

3 September 1896: The Promised Messiahas replied to a letter of Hazrat Munshi Rustam Alira on this date. Huzooras wrote that he had prayed for Babu Ghulam Muhyuddin and if he continued to remind him, he would pray for him continuously. Huzooras stated that he could not recall any prescription for vitiligo and at the time, there was not any cure that could be declared as suitable for this illness. Huzooras said that although there had been many medicines mentioned in books, but he had not experienced any of them. Yet, he said that he would look into it and share it, insha-Allah.

3 September 1904: The Promised Messiahas was residing in Lahore. At 7:30am, a lecture of the Promised Messiahas was read out entitled, “Modern religions in this country and Islam”. It was read out by Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkotira in the presence of the Promised Messiahas. After it was read out, the Promised Messiahas briefly addressed the audience.

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