2nd Jalsa Salana Mexico 2018


Amen Aqeel Haider

Mexico Correspondent 

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Mexico held its 2nd Jalsa Salana on 28-29 December in Merida, Mexico. The total attendance at the Jalsa Salana this year was 195 among which the majority were Mexican members and guests. The remaining members consisted of guests from USA, Belize, Guatemala, Ghana and Pakistan. 

Guests of the Jalsa travelled from all over Mexico to attend, some driving 15 to 20 hours to reach the city of Merida to attend the Jalsa. There was representation from 4 different states of Mexico; members attended from Chiapas, Mexico City, Querétaro and Merida. 

Guests started arriving on Wednesday, 26 December and everyone was provided accommodation near the mosque or at the mosque. The Langar Khana was located at the mosque throughout the day for anyone who arrived, no matter what time of day or night. Some of the members who drove from far off places and arrived at two or three o’clock in the morning were all served food from the Langar at their arrival, after which they were taken to their accommodations. Transport was available for all guests flying in or arriving by bus; they were all provided pick and drop services. 

Jalsa Salana commenced on Friday, 28 December with the Friday Sermon and prayers. After this, lunch was served. 

The first session of the Jalsa started in the evening. The topics of the speeches and presentations during Jalsa Salana were selected bearing in mind that the majority of the members in Mexico are newly converted Ahmadi Muslims. After the completion of the first session, Salat was offered and dinner was served. 

On Saturday, Lajna Imaillah held their session separately for the first time and men held their session separately. For many Mexican guests, this was their first time seeing women having their own Jalsa session and delivering all the speeches and presentations. This really impacted their view about leadership among women. Salat was offered and lunch was served before starting the third session of Jalsa Salana. 

During the third session of Jalsa Salana, in which guests and dignitaries were also invited to attend and share their views, a few of the guests were as follows:

Norma Barnet Cantón, Director of Religious Affairs for the state of Yucatan. She was also representing the governor of Yucatan state 

Luis Antonio Andrade Castillo, Director of Promotion and Diffusion of Culture in the department of culture and arts

Hector Castellano, Secretary of Religious Affairs for the city of Merida. He also represented the mayor of the city of Merida

Dr David Vegue, a Catholic priest

Padre Oscar Viñas Oliveras, Vice President of Inter-Religious Council for the state of Yucatan

Sofía del Carmen Brito Soberanís, Coordinator of Blood Donation Camps in the state of Yucatan

A request was sent by Mexico Jamaat for a message from Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa for the attendees of Jalsa Salana Mexico. The request was graciously approved and a letter from Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa was received. This letter was translated into Spanish and was read out during the first session of Jalsa Salana and printed copies were given to each and every attendee. 

The Jalsa Salana concluded with taranas [choral poems] prepared by children and Lajna, followed by dua (silent prayer). Therafter, Salat was offered and dinner was served. 

Mexico Jamaat is based on members who have converted during the last three or four years, and many of them dedicated their time in organising the Jalsa and serving throughout the Jalsa in various departments. Volunteers ranged from children to the elderly, all eagerly wanting to serve the guests of the Promised Messiahas. For many, it was the first time ever doing Jalsa duty, however, each and every volunteer fulfilled their duties as if they had been doing it for years. This dedication to serve, which was seen in the new converts, was a clear result of the prayers of the Promised Messiahas regarding every Jalsa Salana and its blessings. 

In accordance with the permission granted by Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa, Jalsa Salana Mexico was streamed live on various social media websites.

By the grace of Allah, many media outlets covered Jalsa Salana; print media and electronic media was present during the last session and various articles were published in various media outlets.

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