3-9 August


3 August 1945: Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Majid Sahib of Bhagalpur, Bihar in India passed away on this day. He was a devoted companion of the Promised Messiahas and father-in-law of Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra. Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra married his daughter, Syeda Sara Begum Sahiba in 1925. Like all of Huzoor’sra nikahs, this marriage’s primary motive was also of the spiritual upbringing and moral well-being of women of the Jamaat.

4 August 1893: An Arab religious scholar, Muhammad Bin Ahmad from Mecca wrote to the Promised Messiahas. This learned man visited India and made a stop-over in Qadian. After accepting the claims and beliefs of the Promised Messiahas, he enjoyed his blessed company for some time. Finally, he returned to his native county, and wrote a letter from Mecca after performing Hajj. While replying to his letter, the Promised Messiahas penned down a detailed writing, which was latter printed in shape of a book, Hamama-tul-Bushra.

5 August 1948: The possession of the land of Rabwah was taken by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. It was all done through a fair, legal and official process, so all allegations levelled regarding this, by the opponents, are fruit of their mind and enmity.

6 August 1891: The Promised Messiahas received a letter from Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana, Mr W Chevis stating that his letter dated on the previous day had reached him, and it was declared that he had equal rights to live and stay in the city of Ludhiana as everyone had. For the readers of Al Hakam, it is necessary to highlight here the background of the events. After a debate with Maulvi Muhammad Hussain of Batala, some rumours were floating around that the Promised Messiahas was also served notice from city administration to leave.

6 August 1898: The Promised Messiahas wrote of an idea for a separate graveyard for his followers. In one letter to Nawab Muhammad Khan Sahib, he unveiled this thought. He added that the idea of a special cemetery derived from the Islamic creed, and that the Shariah wholly backed and valued this. Since it would cause others forgiveness, because the company of righteous never let vulnerable ones to remain deprived, he provided the example of the special burial ground made in holy city of Medina. Notably, this is years before the establishment of Bahishti Maqbarah. 

6 August 1945: In final days of the Second World War, Allied forces hit Japan with an atomic bomb. Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra in his Friday Sermon condemned this barbaric and inhuman attack against the civilian population in the strongest possible words and manner.

6 August 1952: Maulana Muhammad Ismail Munir Sahib established the formal Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ceylon, which is known today as Sri Lanka. 

7 August 1887: A son was born in the house of the Promised Messiahas, known as Bashir Awwal in the Jamaat’s literature. On the same day, the Promised Messiahas received this Arabic revelation which contained the course of events yet to unfold:

‘‘We have sent this child as a witness, affirming good tidings, and as a Warner. He is like heavy rain in which there are diverse kinds of darknesses as well as thunder and lightning. All of these things are under his two feet. [i.e., they will follow after he departs.]’’

Moreover, this son’s birth and death was a core episode, clearly foretold in the revelation about Musleh-e-Maud.

7 August 1897: A lawsuit of an attempted murder was initiated on this day, by an influential Christian Missionary, Dr Henry Martyn Clark against the Promised Messiahas. A vicious plot was cleverly hatched against the Promised Messiahas, and all enemy parties unanimously joined hands and took part against him in this lawsuit. Its proceedings ended up in a clear victory for the Promised Messiahas and the judge assigned in this case Lieutenant Col Montague William Douglas CSI, CIE (1863-1957), who was later declared by Huzooras to be the ‘‘Pilate of our time’’, superior to the original.

7 August 1944: The marriage ceremony of Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra with Syeda Bushra Begum, also known as ‘‘Mehar Apa’’ took place on this day. The walima was served on 15 August. This was the final of the seven marriages of Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra

8 August 1983: An Ahmadi, Doctor Muzaffar Ahmad Sahib fell victim to a gun attack and became the first ever Ahmadi martyr in USA. This zealot preacher and adamant servant of the Jamaat was remembered by the Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IVrh in his Friday Sermon of 12 August in enviable words.

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