4-10 May


4 May: In 1904, the Promised Messiah’sas companion Hazrat Qazi Zia-ud-din sahib passed away. 

6 May: In 2001, Roman Catholic Pope John Paul visited a mosque in Damascus during his Syria Tour. This made him the first ever Pontiff to enter a mosque in history.

6 May: The famous neurologist Sigmund Freud was born on this date in 1856. This genius was thought to be founder of psychopathology. Michael H Hart ranked him 69in his list of most influential persons of human history. 

7 May: In 1274, the Second Counsel of Lyon, France took place on this date. This famous counsel of Catholics discussed many things including Papal election rules. Intriguingly, on the same date in 1906, the Promised Messiahas received the Divine revelation: 

Kalisiya Ki Taqat Ka Nuskha

(The prescription of the strength of the Church.)

8 May: In 1891, the Promised Messiahas wrote a letter to Hazrat Pir Sirajul-Haq Numanira mentioning that his book Izala Auham was being published and that he would stay in Ludhiana for the next couple of months. 

8 May: In 1903, Government officials visited Qadian. A situation arose when Minaratul-Masih was being built and the local community raised unnecessary objections. The Local Magistrate wanted to know the location, details and allegations. During the meeting, the Promised Messiahas pointed out Lala Buddha Mal and said: “Here is Lala Buddha Mal, please ask him if there has been any occasion where I could be of any service to him but failed to oblige him with help; and whether there ever has been any occasion when he had it in his power to harm me in some way but he refrained from doing so.”

9 May: In 1909, Hazrat Mirza Sharif Ahmadra got married to the daughter of Hazrat Nawab Muhammad Ali Khanra. The following day, the Walima was arranged in Qadian. 

9 May: In 1904, the Great Western Railway’s locomotive became the first steam locomotive in Europe to travel at a generally recognised speed of over 100 mph (160 km/h). In this way, during the life of the Promised Messiahas, the Quranic prophecy was fulfilled:

وَ اِذَا الْعِشَارُ عُطِّلَتْ

(And when the she-camels, ten-month pregnant, are abandoned.) (Ch.81: V.5)

This verse refers to better and swift means of transport that would replace camels and other primitive modes of transport. 

9 May: In 1908, the Promised Messiahas was vouchsafed a revelation:

اَلرَّحِيْلُ ثُمَّ الرَّحِيْلُ

(It is time to march; again, it is time to march.)

This was only two weeks prior to his sad demise.  

10 May: Members of the Promised Messiah’sas family departed on a trip to Peshawar for the marriage of Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmadra in 1906. They returned to Qadian on 16May. 

10 May: In 1926, Hazrat Syed Zainul Abideen Valiullah Shahra returned to Qadian after his successful trip to Syria and Iraq. He helped establish the Ahmadiyya Mission there.


Hazrat Syed Valiullah Shah r.a.

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