A sinner is one who severs their relationship with God Almighty in this life

Promised Messiah

A sinner is one who severs their relationship with God Almighty in this very life. For such a person was instructed to become devoted to God Almighty and to keep in the company of the truthful, but they instead became slaves to passion and desire and joined hands with the wicked and those who were the enemies of God and His Messenger.

In other words, they have demonstrated through their practical example that they have severed their relationship with God Almighty.

It is the way of Allah that when an individual takes a step in one direction, they move further away from the opposing direction. If a person separates themselves from God Almighty and becomes a slave to carnal desires and passions, God, in turn, moves further and further away from them.

As a person grows closer to their own passions and desires, their connection with God is weakened. As the proverb goes: “Love begets love”.

Therefore, if a person demonstrates that they are averse to God in practice, then they ought to know that God too is averse to them. If, on the other hand, a person loves God Almighty and flows towards Him like water, then they ought to know that God is Gracious. When a person loves Allah the Exalted, He in turn shows him greater love. He is a God who sends down blessings upon those who love Him. God makes them feel that He is with them, to the extent that He blesses their words and their lips.

The garments of such an individual and their every word become a source of blessing for others. In the ummah of Prophet Muhammadsa there exists categorical proof of this even now, that when a person becomes devoted to God, God too befriends him.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, p. 140)

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  1. ASA this is an excellent way to put it, I knew I would like to read this article. I’d love to simplify this for someone who is younger than me. ‘The way you step in an direction you move further away’ just this way Allah moves from you when you are not obeying his laws and following your own device. If you test god he will test you, with your relationship with him so forgo your desires and inch towards your creator (the-fashioner).


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