Ahmadi Muslims invited on French CBC, Radio-Canada

Syed Mukarram Nazeer, Canada Correspondent

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Canada is always seeking ways to spread the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat to the people of Canada. One such opportunity arose when Jamaat Canada was invited for a live discussion on radio, by a province-wide French-language radio station, Radio-Canada.  

Canada Broadcasting Corporation or CBC is the Canadian public broadcaster that broadcast across Canada on radio and television in both official languages of Canada, English and French. The French service is referred to as Radio-Canada.

Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Canada, Lal Khan Malik Sahib appointed Abdool-Hamid Abdool-Rahman Sahib to attend. He has served as the French language spokesperson for Jamaat Canada for many years.

The discussion was aired live on Radio-Canada on 8 April 2022 and lasted close to 10 minutes. This was during the drive-home programme in French that was being heard across the Greater Toronto Area and the province of Ontario.

The programme was hosted by Ms Ménard, who asked various questions. Some salient topics were: 

1. Which branch of Islam do you identify with? 

2. Ramadan and how Ahmadis are living in the post-Covid19 era 

3. Contribution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community towards the well-being of others

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