Ahmadi Muslims unite in solidarity to safeguard Cologne Cathedral

Ahmadi Muslims from Cologne, Germany, gathered in front of the Cologne Cathedral on 30 December 2023 to protect the church in a remarkable show of solidarity.

Mahmood Ahmed Malhi, Missionary, Germany
Germany 2024
Image courtesy of AMJ Germany

Reports of an alleged planned attack by extremists on the Cologne Cathedral were received by authorities. Shortly thereafter, their alert regarding a potential attack was widely reported by the media, often with a focus on the term “Islamist extremists.” The potential threat not only heightened concerns for public safety but also inadvertently cast a pall over Islam’s peaceful teachings. This dual concern motivated the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to stand in solidarity, offering protection for the Cologne Cathedral as a testament to their commitment to peace and the sanctity of all human life.

Thus, a group of Ahmadi Muslims formed a human chain around the cathedral, emphasising their loyalty to the homeland and highlighting the teachings of Islam. They sent a message of love, peace, and solidarity with their neighbours, and expressed that the Holy Founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammadsa never called for an attack on places of worship. Even in times of war, the Messengersa of Allah gave special instructions not to damage churches, synagogues, and other places of worship and also ordered to protect religious scholars such as priests or rabbis.

Major media outlets covered the event, including reporters from Denmark, Holland, Turkey, and Poland, and many German TV channels, such as ZDF, ARD, WDR, and RTL. The viewership of this effort to highlight the peaceful teachings of Islam by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community reached millions of people.

Our guiding principle was the following statement of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his Helper:

“Whenever any of you stand in need of help, we pledge to be there to aid and assist, in whatever way we can. In times of grief and despair, we will always be there to wipe away the tears of our neighbours and to support and comfort them.” (A Message For Our Time, “A Beacon of Peace, [Opening Address at Baitul Afiyat Mosque, Philadelphia, USA, 9 October 2018]”, p. 16)

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