Ahmadis in Australia enthusiastically gather to watch Jalsa Salana UK at Mahmood Mosque, Adelaide


Atif Ahmad Zahid, Missionary, Australia

In order to take part in the blessings of the Jalsa Salana UK 2021, a special arrangement was made to collectively listen to the live Jalsa proceedings in Mahmood Mosque, Adelaide. 

Australia’s three major states were all in complete lockdown due to the widespread effects of Covid-19, even South Australia was under various restrictions and was in a partial lockdown. Therefore, preparations were made for a limited number of members to listen to the Jalsa proceedings in the mosque, whilst Lajna, Nasirat and children under the age of 12 were instructed to listen to the Jalsa from their homes.

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Adelaide was able to join the live proceedings of this blessed Jalsa Salana via a video link, alhamdulillah

Although Adelaide is eight and a half hours ahead of the British Standard Time, and the Opening Session of the Jalsa Salana commenced at 12:55 am, members of the Jamaat listened to the proceedings with great enthusiasm. 

As this was the first time that Jamaat members were able to attend the live proceedings of Jalsa Salana via video link, there was a great sense of enthusiasm and goodwill. 

The concluding address of the Jalsa Salana was set to be aired late on a Sunday night according to the local time, and the following day was a working day. The members attended this session in abundance, so much so that this number exceeded those who were present for the opening session. 

The Langar Khana (kitchen) was in full effect for all three days of Jalsa proceedings, with dinner and refreshments being served. 

May Allah the Almighty make this Jalsa Salana a source of blessings for all Jamaat members, enable them to fulfil the purpose of the Jalsa and derive maximum blessings from it. 

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