Ahmadis urged to spread the message of Ahmadiyyat in Shianda, Kenya


Tahir Ahmad Machengo, Kenya Correspondent

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Shianda from the Western part of Kenya, held a virtual tarbiyat class. The number of attendees was limited to 28 people, due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is an order by the government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Health that people should avoid large gatherings. 

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Different topics were discussed including the importance of reciting the Holy Quran and the relevance of Surah Ya Sin for a Muslim. Members present were urged to learn the Holy Quran and recite it every day. The importance of congregating in the way of Allah was also discussed. 

Members were urged that despite the difficulties brought about by the pandemic, they should strive to gather in small groups and teach themselves, acquire more knowledge of Islam Ahmadiyya, sacrifice in the way of Allah and tread the path of righteousness. 

The history of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya and the second coming of Jesusas were also discussed. Members were exhorted to read the books of the Promised Messiahas so that they gain enough knowledge to express themselves in front of non-Ahmadis about the second coming of the Messiah. They were also urged to spread the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat. 

In the end, members present were reminded to always perform daily prayers and Tahajud, adhere to the Nizam-e-Jamaat, for this would bring success in their lives and their children, insha-Allah.

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