Aid to refugees in Bosnia from Humanity First


Zubair Khalil Khan, Humanity First Germany Project Director Balkan Area

Humanity First Germany had the opportunity to extend help to the following:

1. Refugees stranded in abandoned buildings and makeshift tents in woodlands situated on the outskirts of Bihać-Bosnia

2. Victims of the recent earthquake in Northern and Southern Croatia

3. Food items to needy people in various cities of Bosnia

4. Construction material to repair and renovate the affected houses

President Humanity First Bosnia, Missionary Mufeezur Rahman Sahib, along with local Humanity First volunteers, Kemal Sahib and Nafiz Neretljak Sahib accompanied the volunteers of Humanity First Germany to visit the refugees. IOM members who take care of administrative aspects of the refugees in the area also accompanied the Humanity First team. 

These refugees currently reside in abandoned, dilapidated buildings and makeshift tents in woodlands on the outskirts of the city of Bihać-Bosnia. The situation of stranded refugees in the area of Bihać area is extremely deplorable as there is no electricity, water, toilets, washrooms and bathrooms where these stranded refugees reside. 

During the four-days tour from 24 to 28 January 2021, snowfall continued and minus temperatures remained constant. 

When food, hygiene and winter clothing items were distributed among these refugees, they were all extremely grateful. Humanity First could extend support to approximately 1,800 refugees.

The Humanity First team also visited the earthquake hit area in Northern Bosnia. Imam Safet Begic and Imam Haris Ahmic welcomed the Humanity First teams for the noble work. Construction material and food items were distributed to the needy families.

Mr Jasmin Saphic, President of the local NGO Merhamet, also accompanied the Humanity First team to visit all the 30 houses where needy families were given fire-wood.

The following notables extended invitations to visiting Humanity First teams and thanked them for the good work carried out:

1. Ms Nermina Cemalovic, Minister of Health of Canton Bihać

2. Mr Mirsad Mahmutagic, Mayor of the city

3. Ms Aida Barucija, National Assembly member

4. Mr Alen Zukic, President of Cultural Center Bihać

5. Mr Senaid Begić, member of state parliament

6. Ms Almedina Begić, Director of Language Institute

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