All praise belongs to Allah


“All the praises observable in the universe and within myriad creations are, in essence, expressions of God’s praise, reverting back to Him. This is because the qualities inherent in  creation are indeed reflections of its Creator’s attributes. To elucidate, it is not the sun that lights up the world; rather, it is solely God’s doing. The moon does not dispel the darkness of the night; it is unequivocally God’s act. Similarly, it is not the clouds that bestow rain but God Himself. Likewise, our eyesight is a gift from God, our auditory senses are blessings from Him, and the discoveries of our intellect truly emanate from Him. Moreover, the enchanting characteristics displayed by the celestial and terrestrial entities – the evident splendour and vibrancy – are all testimony to the attributes of the Creator, Who fashioned them with His perfect excellence. He did not merely create and abandon them; He infused them with enduring mercy, upon which their existence and sustainability depend. Furthermore, He did not limit His act of creation to this; He elevated everything to its utmost potential, highlighting its inherent value. Consequently, in truth, He alone is the ultimate Benefactor and Bestower, embodying every conceivable quality. This notion is encapsulated in the verse: الحمدللّہ ربّ العلمین [All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all worlds].”

(Al Hakam, 24 June 1904, p. 15)

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