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Lamina Zafrullah


AMSA Lagos with invited guests at the Leadership Conference | AMJ Nigeria

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA), Lagos State, held a leadership conference on 14 April at Yusuf Grillo Hall, Yaba College of Technology to re-orientate and re-awaken the teeming Nigerian youths to be action-oriented and participate actively in the development of their future.

The conference had in attendance the Rector of the School, Dr. Olukemi Taiwo Oyelola represented by the Deputy Rector, Al-Haji Taofeek Omobayo Raheem; Head of Printing Department, Mr Jimoh Akinpelu; lecturers and students.

In the capacity of Association President, I spoke to the Nigerian youth to develop themselves intellectually, morally, socially and spiritually, saying that age was not the problem of this country and that the problem was in our orientation, action and thinking. This all comes down to leadership.

The lecture of the event titled “Architects of a New Dawn: Youths as Drivers of Positive Change” was delivered by Muallim Abass Agbaje, renowned speaker and life coach.

A panel discussion was also held on the theme “Developing the Youth: The Roadmap to a Brighter Future”, where the three panellists unanimously agreed that Nigerian youth can actually save the country from the current beleaguered conundrum it is facing and take her to the Promised Land if they develop themselves intellectually, morally and spiritually.

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