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Sadaqat group accepting their award as Best group | Jamia UK

Waseem Ahmad Fazal

Jamia Ahmadiyya UK

On 27 June 2018, Jamia Ahmadiyya UK had the opportunity to once again host its Annual Prize Distribution for the academic year 2017-2018 in Haslemere, Surrey. 

This event highlights the remarkable achievements made by students in academic competitions throughout the year.

Along with judges, office-bearers and other dignitaries of the Jamaat around the country, parents of students obtaining first positions in competitions were also invited to attend this event. This traditional house-like system consists of 5 groups, namely: Sadaqat, Shaja‘at, Rafaqat, Amanat and Diyanat. 

The history behind the selection of the above house names derives from Jamia Rabwah and Qadian, as they were the foremost Jamiaats in the world to put these into use, thus inspiring Jamia UK to put this house-system into practice.

Parents, guests, judges and dignitaries made their way to this event at around 5:45pm, allowing the Annual Prize Distribution to promptly start at 6:15pm. 


Waseem Ahmad Fazal Sahib, Chairman Majlis-e-Ilmi presenting the annual report | Jamia UK

As per custom and tradition, the programme commenced with Tilawat, followed by Nazm, upon which an introduction to the audience was given on the fine details and constituents of the academic year in numbers. Towards the end of the report, gratitude was paid to each and every judge.

From a total of just over 130 students, 84 students participated in various competitions throughout the year, ranging from very conventional competitions such as Tilawat, Nazm and Azan to relatively new competitions like the General Knowledge Quiz and Presentation Competition. Positions were to be acquired through either individual or group-based competitions, increasing the spirit of unity within the five houses. 

After the opening address, Ataul Momin Zahid Sahib announced the prize winners of this year’s Annual Prize Distribution, whereupon students made their way to the stage and were presented with their respective awards by the guest speaker, Syed Mansoor Ahmad Shah Sahib, Naib Amir UK. 

Towards the end of the prize distribution, outstanding awards were presented to joint Best Speaker, Nasar Arshad and Noman Hadi, as well as joint Best Student to Danial Tasawar and Sarfraz Bajwa. These results were decided according to results collated from various competitions. 


Jamia UK

Subsequently, before drawing a close to this session, in recognition to the exceptional effort put in by Shaja‘at Group, Majlis-e-Ilmi expressed their appreciation by awarding them with an award as they fell short with a matter of only a few points. Group secretary, Ataul Fatir Tahir and group leader, Hafiz Tayyeb Sahib were called to the stage to collect their award. The last award of the day to conclude this session was presented to Sadaqat group for ranking Best Group in overall competitions. In order to receive this prize, group secretary, Nasar Arshad and group leader, Hafiz Mashood Sahib were ultimately presented with the annual shield award.

To conclude the event, Syed Mansoor Ahmad Shah Sahib delivered a faith inspiring and thought-provoking address, focusing on the subject of prayer and how each and every one of us must ensure to be steadfast, regular and punctual with our daily prayers. Mansoor Sahib stated that it is incumbent upon us to make the concept of offering prayer regularly part of our nature, whilst also remembering our duties as devotees of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. This event was brought to a close with Dua – prayer – led by our guest speaker, Syed Mansoor Ahmad Shah Sahib, followed by dinner at 7pm. 

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