Set a good example for others: Amila of Majlis Ansarullah Canada meets Huzoor


On Sunday, 19 May 2024, members of the amila of Majlis Ansarullah Canada had the privilege of an in-person mulaqat with Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih V, may Allah be his Helper, at Islamabad, UK.

Upon arrival, Huzooraa conveyed salaam to everyone. A moment of silent prayer, led by Huzooraa, marked the beginning of the mulaqat, after which introductions were made.

Then, Huzooraa enquired who had come from Vancouver and asked about the fire that had erupted there. Huzooraa also asked if any Ahmadi members were affected by the fire.

Huzooraa then turned to Qaid Umumi and asked about the number of majalis and their reports. Qaid Umumi responded that there were 116 majalis, out of which 99% submitted their reports. He reported that the total tajnid is 6721.

Speaking with Naib Qaid Tarbiyat, Huzooraa asked what plans were made to ensure proper tarbiyat. The Naib Qaid reported that since the last mulaqat with Huzooraa, they had been focusing on continuous reminders, with a particular emphasis on salat. He also reported that house visits were included in the plan at the beginning of the year, and they were able to meet with 3846 ansar to foster a personal relationship with them. Huzooraa added, “Did you not also instruct them to foster a personal relationship with God?”

Huzooraa further added, “If the tarbiyat of the ansar is done properly, then the tarbiyat of future generations will follow naturally.”

The conversation then shifted to financial matters, with Huzooraa asking Qaid Maal about the budgeting aspects.

“If the Tarbiyat Department put in as much effort as the Maal Department does in collecting chanda, remaining problems could be solved automatically.”

Huzooraa added that they are consistent in collecting chanda and emphasised that they should also be consistent in encouraging people to “offer salat, read the Holy Quran, Hadith, and the books of the Promised Messiahas.”

Huzooraa then enquired from Qaid Talim which book was assigned for ansar to read. He reported that the books were Our Teaching and Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Part V. He asked Huzooraa how they could encourage ansar to read more of the books of the Promised Messiahas.

Huzooraa replied that if someone is unable to read a full book from cover to cover, they can read Essence of Islam if they understand English. For those who do not read English, Huzooraa suggested Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadianias: Apni Tehreeron Ki Roo Say, which is organised by topic. “From this, they can attain a wide range of knowledge,” he said.

Huzooraa also alluded to Malfuzat and added that they should read Chashma-e-Ma’rifat, mentioning that much can be learned from it and that many contemporary issues are addressed there. Huzooraa emphasised that if both the Tarbiyat and Talim departments became active, then the rest would follow suit.

As a word of advice, Huzooraa said, “Remain steadfast in speaking the truth, focus on your prayers, read and ponder over the Holy Quran, and study and try to understand the books of the Promised Messiahas. If one is unable to read a book from cover to cover, one can read passages collated under various topics in book form. Stay committed to the truth, serve humanity, pay attention to tarbiyat within your home, and set a good example. By doing so, you will create a better environment. These are the 4-5 points you should all be acting upon.”

Speaking with Qaid Sehat-e-Jismani, Huzooraa said that the ansar should not only participate in sports events but also foster an attachment with the Jamaat. The age of a nasir, Huzooraa added, is such that one is more conscious of the hereafter. Then, in conversation with the Naib Sadr of Saff-e-Dom, Huzooraa enquired about the number of ansar they had in Saff-e-Dom. Huzooraa was informed that there were 3400 ansar, some of whom owned bicycles and organised cycling events. Addressing the Naib Sadr of Saffe-e-Dom, Huzooraa suggested that he should commute to the office on a bicycle to set an example.

When asked about tajnid and noting that some people list their work or business address instead of their home address, it was further explained that this causes confusion and makes it difficult to keep in contact with them. Huzooraa clarified that a person’s home should be considered their tajnid, regardless of where they work. Wherever one resides, their tajnid should be reported as that location.

Qaid Isaar mentioned that this year, their focus has been on maintaining contact with as many ansar as possible and fostering a stronger bond. He also noted that they received positive feedback.

Huzooraa advised encouraging people to give to charity, as there are many in great need. He alluded to various charities, both local and international. Huzooraa specifically mentioned Palestinians, saying that support should be extended to them as well. He added that the age of a nasir is such that after this is only the Hereafter.

Speaking with the Tabligh Department, Huzooraa asked about the target set for the year. He was informed that the target was 100 bai‘ats, and that they had achieved 32 so far. They also reported that they were conducting one-on-one Tabligh sessions, among other initiatives.

In a conversation with the Qaid Tabligh, Huzooraa also highlighted the importance of direct engagement with the wider public over merely interacting with political figures. He expressed concern that some may think they have achieved significant success by associating with politicians and gaining media coverage through such engagements. However, Huzooraa stressed that the real achievement is not the public acknowledgement or appearances of ministers and politicians at events. Instead, he emphasised that the focus should be on the training and spiritual development of the Jamaat members. He advised that gatherings and events should not be mere platforms for showcasing political connections but opportunities for enhancing the Jamaat members’ understanding and practice of Islamic teachings.

In his response about obligatory contributions (chandas), Huzooraa provided clarity, stating that while contributions such as Chanda AamChanda Wasiyyat, and Chanda Jalsa Salana are mandatory, the contributions determined by auxiliary organisations like Majlis Ansarullah also carry substantial importance. These contributions, referred to as tanzimi chandajaat, are established by representatives elected to the Majlis-e-Shura. These representatives commit on behalf of their organisations to uphold these financial responsibilities. As a result, members of these auxiliary organisations are equally obligated to fulfil their commitments concerning these contributions.

Regarding the world’s condition, a nasir told Huzooraa that they often pray for the world’s situation and pray that a war does not break out. He asked if the prevalence of ultimate peace was conditional upon a war breaking out.

Huzooraa answered that there was no such condition. “However, if the circumstances persist, remember that the Promised Messiahas has written that destruction will afflict the world. If people do not change their condition, then destiny is such that it can be altered through our prayers.” Huzooraa added that, looking at the history of the world and its people, it is difficult to anticipate a change in their condition. This is why either destruction occurs or war breaks out, after which people return to Allah.

“This is why,” Huzooraa said, “I emphasise, first introduce the Jamaat and inform the world – we should warn the world […] that such destruction can afflict the world. Thus, one should return to God, and this is the way to be safeguarded.”

Huzooraa added that even if they don’t return, at least they will eventually realise, after such a catastrophe, that there were certain people who called them towards the truth.

Therefore, Huzooraa said that God is also capable of creating the means to prevent destruction from afflicting the world, and without it, conditions can improve.

The mulaqat culminated in a memorable moment for the attendees as they had the honour of taking a photograph with Huzooraa, marking a successful conclusion to the gathering.

(Report prepared by Al Hakam)

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