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Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa returned to London from a 22-day tour of Spain on 23 April 2018. 

This was Huzoor’s fourth visit to this country of great importance in the history of Islam. Hundreds of local Ahmadis gathered at Fazl Mosque to welcome their beloved Imam. 

Despite the fact that all Ahmadis got to see Huzooraa live on MTA every Friday, the emotions on the faces of those welcoming Huzoor was as if they had seen Huzoor after a very long time. All praise to Allah; Huzoor has returned to London safe and sound.

It was in this land where mass forced-conversions took place around 800 years ago. Muslims, who had once ruled the country and the vast majority of its masses were made to renounce their faith through, what can be called, a battle of political supremacy. 

Huzoor’s visit to Spain always brings with it an awe-inspiring feeling; the Khalifa in a land that was once the throne of a Muslim Caliphate. There is no need to mention the stark difference between the nature of the two Caliphates as one was political, while the other – Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya – is related to the heart and soul. 

The place where Muslims were forced to convert or leave was the same land where Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa delivered three Friday Sermons in this tour. The voice of the Khalifa emanated from this land and spread to corners of the earth. 

Huzooraa delivered the Friday Sermon on 6 April from Baitur Rehman Mosque in Valencia and the Sermons of 13 and 20 April were delivered from Basharat Mosque, Pedro Abad. 

Huzoor’s Friday Sermons always give an analysis of the time, land or situation’s pulse-reading. The same was observed in all three sermons that Huzooraa delivered from the historic land of Spain. 

Guiding Ahmadi asylum-seekers never to rely on false declarations and always to seek refuge with Allah the Almighty was the opening of Huzoor’s Friday Sermon on 6 April. Huzooraa emphasised the fact that a true connection with our Creator could not be attained unless we broke all forms of idols: visible, symbolic or hidden.

The Friday Sermon on 13 April was where Huzooraa guided us on what the Promised Messiahas expected of us – his followers. To acquire true understanding of this expectation, Huzoor instructed that the Promised Messiah’s book Kashti-e-Nuh (Noah’s Ark) be studied and understood to the letter. 

As soon as Huzoor’s words were heard live, Ahmadis all around the globe made whatever effort was possible in their respective capacities, to make the text of the book available through social media. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were all visibly busy communicating the blessed words of this book. MTA International started playing excerpts from the book in the original Urdu and also their English translation, punctuating the daily schedules of MTA.

In his Friday Sermon of 20 April, Huzooraa laid emphasis on escalating tabligh efforts. As direct addressees of the Sermon, Huzoor instructed the Jamaat administration in Spain to identify situations, locations and opportunities of tabligh in Spain. Huzoor has been deploying graduates of Jamia UK and Germany to visit Spain and distribute introductory literature about the Jamaat. Huzoor commended the efforts of the young missionaries who visit Spain every year and, despite not knowing the language, find opportunities to talk to people and leave them with some form of introduction of the Jamaat. 

Huzooraa expressed his desire that every Ahmadi should spare some hours from their weekly schedules for tabligh – propagating the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat. 

While we thank Allah for the blessing of MTA which brings Huzoor’s message directly to us, it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Any instruction of Huzooraa that reaches us is addressed to us first and then for anyone else. 

May Allah enable all of us to always assume ourselves as the direct and first addressees of Huzoor’s words.

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