Belgium Jamaat hold Interfaith webinar


Mohammad Arsalan, Belgium Correspondent

On 18 March 2021, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Belgium had the opportunity of hosting an Interfaith Webinar, organised by the department of external affairs.

The theme for this webinar was, “How to practice our faith during the Covid-19 pandemic?” 

The preparation started a few months back with the help of Missionary-in-Charge, Hafiz Ehsan Secundar Sahib. He helped to contact several representatives of other religions and some politicians as well. 

Secretary external affairs, Sharif Ahmed Sahib and his team helped in the organisation of this event, which was a first of its kind in Jamaat Belgium. 

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The moderator for this event was Mr Jean Sadouni, who is the pastoral unit manager of Boetendael. The Councilor of Culture, Dr Daniel Hublet was also present for the event and participated amongst the panelists. Along with them, five representatives of religious communities were present for the programme, which included:

The Rabbi Samuel Pinson, Synagogue Maalé of Uccle-Forest 

Vulnerable Phra Raj Visuddhivides, Monk of the Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre of Waterloo, Brussels 

Mr Jeff Simon, Representative of the International Bahai Community 

Missionary-in-charge Belgium, Hafiz Ehsan Secundar Sahib 

Mohammad Arsalan Sahib, Missionary, Wallonie

The programme started at 6 pm with welcoming words by the national secretary external affairs. Then, Mr Jean Sadouni moderated the programme.

First, a short introduction of all the representatives was presented by the secretary of external affairs. Mr Jeff Simon then presented the point of view from the Bahai community.

After this, the Monk, Phra Raj Visuddhivides presented his speech in English which was translated by the missionary, Mohammad Arsalan Sahib into French for the listeners. 

The Rabbi, Samuel Pinson presented his points with some references from the Torah

Then, Hafiz Ehsan Secundar Sahib presented his speech in which he mentioned the organisation of the Jamaat and the guidance that we received from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa during these difficult times of the pandemic. 

Everyone spoke about three main points that were given to them, which were:

How are we practicing our faith during the coronavirus pandemic?

What have we experienced during this last year of the pandemic?

What is the message that we should give to others?

Then, some points were shared in an interactive talk and some questions from the viewers were answered by the panelists. 

At the end of the programme, the secretary external affairs thanked all the representatives and participants for their part in making this event a success. 

The missionary-in-charge concluded the day with silent prayer. Others prayed in their own way. Alhamdulillah, the programme was appreciated by all. 

Some remarks and comments that we received during the programme are as following:

“Thank you, it was an evening in a joyful and hopeful atmosphere. What beautiful people and beautiful messages. We have remained touched by reciprocal brotherhood and knowledge. We want to continue our journey together towards unity.”

“Congratulations! It was really constructive. I liked it when you pointed out the psychological support role of religious leaders during a pandemic. And social assistance initiatives, solidarity towards the most deprived. And well done for the promise to ‘do things’ together! Without forgetting the laity. You can be proud of yourself. You have been remarkable. ‘There is only one humanity because there is only one Creator’, superb conclusion.”

“Congratulations again for your great initiative. The dialogue was dignified and fraternal and all the credit goes to you all. See you soon.”

“Thank you for the online conference. Very well done. It feels good to see these good inter-religious feelings.”

A total of 116 people participated in this event.

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