Bosnia Jamaat adapting during Coronavirus lockdown


Mufeezur Rahman, Bosnia Correspondent

In Bosnia, we have been following all instructions given by the Bosnian Government since the outbreak.

According to the instructions of the government, mosques have been closed. As a missionary of the Jamaat, I maintain daily contact with Jamaat members through the phone and am trying to comfort them, as the Jamaat is available for any kind of assistance which they may need.

Generally, people are in stress, but Alhamdolillah I can have chat with them personally through telephone calls to encourage them and guide them towards the instructions of Huzooraa. As far as tarbiyyati matters are concerned, on a daily basis, I am sending useful posts from our website like prayers with translation, instructions from Huzooraa etc., to keep them connected with the Jamaat.

We have started online classes for Atfal, so thus kids are enjoying seeing each other on screens and learning their syllabus.

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