Can one recite the Holy Quran during zawal time?


A lady asked Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa why one should not recite the Holy Quran from noon to one o’clock in the afternoon and when the sun is rising. 

Huzooraa, in his letter dated 16 May 2021, provided the following answer:

“Reciting the Holy Quran at the times mentioned in your letter is not forbidden anywhere. However, the Holy Prophetsa did forbid offering salat at three times during the day (namely, when the sun is rising, when the sun is setting and at noon when the sun is at its peak) and he also explained the reason for this prohibition. Hence, Hazrat Amrra bin Abasah al-Sulamee narrates:

قُلْتُ‭ ‬يَا‭ ‬نَبِيَّ‭ ‬اللّٰهِ‭ ‬أَخْبِرْنِيْ‭ ‬عَمَّا‭ ‬عَلَّمَكَ‭ ‬اللّٰهُ‭ ‬وَأَجْهَلُهُ‭ ‬أَخْبِرْنِيْ‭ ‬عَن‭ ‬الصَّلَاةِ‭ ‬قَالَ‭ ‬صَلِّ‭ ‬صَلَاةَ‭ ‬الصُّبْحِ‭ ‬ثُمَّ‭ ‬أَقْصِرْ‭ ‬عَن‭ ‬الصَّلَاةِ‭ ‬حَتَّى‭ ‬تَطْلُعَ‭ ‬الشَّمْسُ‭ ‬حَتَّى‭ ‬تَرْتَفِعَ‭ ‬فَإِنَّهَا‭ ‬تَطْلُعُ‭ ‬حِيْنَ‭ ‬تَطْلُعُ‭ ‬بَيْنَ‭ ‬قَرْنَيْ‭ ‬شَيْطَانٍ‭ ‬وَحِيْنَئِذٍ‭ ‬يَسْجُدُ‭ ‬لَهَا‭ ‬الْكُفَّارُ‭ ‬ثُمَّ‭ ‬صَلِّ‭ ‬فَإِنَّ‭ ‬الصَّلَاةَ‭ ‬مَشْهُوْدَةٌ‭ ‬مَحْضُوْرَةٌ‭ ‬حَتَّى‭ ‬يَسْتَقِلَّ‭ ‬الظِّلُّ‭ ‬بِالرُّمْحِ‭ ‬ثُمَّ‭ ‬أَقْصِرْ‭ ‬عَن‭ ‬الصَّلَاةِ‭ ‬فَإِنَّ‭ ‬حِيْنَئِذٍ‭ ‬تُسْجَرُ‭ ‬جَهَنَّمُ‭ ‬فَإِذَا‭ ‬أَقْبَلَ‭ ‬الْفَيْءُ‭ ‬فَصَلِّ‭ ‬فَإِنَّ‭ ‬الصَّلَاةَ‭ ‬مَشْهُوْدَةٌ‭ ‬مَحْضُوْرَةٌ‭ ‬حَتَّى‭ ‬تُصَلِّيَ‭ ‬الْعَصْرَ‭ ‬ثُمَّ‭ ‬أَقْصِرْ‭ ‬عَن‭ ‬الصَّلَاةِ‭ ‬حَتَّى‭ ‬تَغْرُبَ‭ ‬الشَّمْسُ‭ ‬فَإِنَّهَا‭ ‬تَغْرُبُ‭ ‬بَيْنَ‭ ‬قَرْنَيْ‭ ‬شَيْطَانٍ‭ ‬وَحِيْنَئِذٍ‭ ‬يَسْجُدُ‭ ‬لَهَا‭ ‬الْكُفَّارُ

“‘I said, O Prophetsa of Allah! Please tell me what Allah has taught you and which I do not know, tell me about the prayer.’ He said, ‘Observe the dawn prayer, then stop praying when the sun is rising till it is fully up, for when it rises it comes up between the horns of Satan, and the disbelievers prostrate themselves to it at that time. Then pray, for the prayer is witnessed and attended [by angels] till the shadow becomes about the length of a lance; then cease prayer, for at that time Hell is heated up. Then when the shadow moves forward, pray [the Zuhr prayer], for the prayer is witnessed and attended [by angels], till you pray the afternoon [Asr] prayer, then cease prayer till the sun sets, for it sets between the horns of the devil, and at that time the disbelievers prostrate themselves before it.’’ (Sahih Muslim, Kitab Salati l-Musafirina wa Qasriha, Babu Islami ‘Amr ibn ‘Abasah)

“Thus, it has been forbidden to offer salat during these three times. However, there is no prohibition on reciting the Holy Quran. So, of course, you can recite the Holy Quran at any time you wish, there is no restriction on it.”

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