Celebrating the life of Prophet Muhammad in Canada


Syed Mukarram Nazeer, Canada Correspondent

Islam is a wonderful religion and the Prophet of Islam, Muhammadsa is the greatest person in the history of mankind. 

This opinion is often held by many non-Muslim scholars too. However, a large majority of people in the West are unaware of this. To comply with the standing instructions of Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Canada, Lal Khan Malik Sahib instructed that Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi be held to portray the beautiful character of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.  

Abbotsford Jamaat of British Columbia took it as a challenge to do so within the province of British Columbia, Canada, and held Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi on 19 January 2021. A comprehensive promotional campaign was launched to let the world know that the Holy Prophetsa was the greatest person in the history of mankind and to unite others in this.  

A media release was sent to newspapers, radio, and television stations. Close to 13,000 emails were sent to contacts within the province of British Columbia inviting them to Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi. A radio advertisement was broadcast for two days immediately prior to the event day, from a very popular local radio station in Vancouver, NEWS1130, with more than a million listeners.  

The programme started with a recitation and translation of a portion from the Holy Quran. Sadr Jamaat Abbotsford, Rizwan Peerzada Sahib then introduced the event speakers. Amir Jamaat Canada, Lal Khan Malik Sahib delivered the welcome remarks. Regional Amir Greater Vancouver Area, Naeem Ahmad Lakhan Sahib moderated the programme. 

The first presentation was by a new Ahmadi convert, Mary Lopez De Morelas Sahiba, on “The treatment of women by the Holy Prophetsa”. She was followed by a Shia scholar, Shaykh Saleem Bhimji Sahib of Az-Zuhraa Islamic Centre, Richmond British Columbia.  

The final speech of the programme was delivered by missionary, Umair Khan Sahib on “The exemplary teachings & character of the Holy Prophetsa”.

The programme ended with concluding remarks by the moderator. 

In an era of information explosion in which mass information, 24-hour news and knowledge of all sorts constantly compete for an individual’s attention, it has become a great challenge to draw an audience. By the grace of Allah, close to 820 viewers watched the live presentation of “The Greatest Person in the History of Mankind, Muhammad – peace and blessing of Allah be upon him” through the YouTube channel and Zoom.  

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