Coming from every distant track: A couple from Chicago


A series looking at the high standard of morals of the Promised Messiahas when receiving visitors in Qadian

Awwab Saad Hayat, Al Hakam

During the lifetime of Hazrat Ahmadas, the message, claim and truthfulness of the Promised Messiahas had spread throughout the globe. As a ray of light in the east is visible even in the west, the message which echoed from Qadian reached America.

It has been recorded in the history of the Jamaat that on 7 April 1908, tourists from Chicago – Mr George Turner, along with his lady, Mrs Bardon – who were accompanied by Mr Barner, a Scottish man, arrived in Qadian on a Tuesday at approximately 10 o’clock.

Whilst introducing themselves, they said that they were travelling and gathering information on the political and religious state of India. The guests were seated with respect in offices under Masjid Mubarak and requested to meet with the Promised Messiahas.

During the sitting, Deputy Magistrate Ali Ahmad Sahib MA first served as the interpreter and translator; then Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahibra served as the interpreter and translator.

Whilst initiating the conversation, the tourists expressed that they had heard that Hazrat Ahmadas had challenged John Alexander Dowie and further asked if this was true. The Promised Messiahas replied in the affirmative and stated that it was correct.

After this, a series of questions and answers began. During the series of questions, the American tourist asked the Promised Messiahas with regard to the truthfulness of his claims.

Answering the question, the Promised Messiahas stated that travelling from a distant country and visiting the small hamlet of Qadian was a huge sign in favour of the truthfulness of his claim.

The Promised Messiahas stated that at a time, when nobody knew his name or anyone would come to visit Qadian, in such a state of anonymity, God revealed the words:

يَاْتُوْنَ‭ ‬مِنْ‭ ‬كُلِّ‭ ‬فَجٍّ‭ ‬عَمِيْقٍ وَيَاْتِيْكَ‭ ‬مِنْ‭ ‬كُلِّ‭ ‬فَجٍّ‭ ‬عَمِيْقٍ‭ ‬

“They will come by every distant track and will come to you from afar.”

This meant that many people would travel in abundance and flock towards the Promised Messiahas in large numbers from faraway lands that it would deepen the tracks and roads due to excessive travel.

The Promised Messiahas further explained that God had informed him to not tire from receiving them in large numbers. These revelations, the Promised Messiahas said, were also received in Urdu and English.

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On multiple occasions, Allah revealed to Hazrat Ahmadas that people would come to him from every distant track. Throughout Huzoor’sas life, many people travelled to Qadian to meet with the Promised Messiahas. This practice can be seen even today during the Fifth Khilafat, a manifestation of this revelation’s fulfilment

This discourse was intriguing to the tourists. They replied that they had not travelled to fulfil this revelation; rather, that they had only travelled due to the Promised Messiah’sas grand status.

The Promised Messiahas, during the conversation, also alluded to two children. The first child the Promised Messiahas mentioned was the son of Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra. Huzooras held him by his arms and presented him before the guests. Huzooras then said that if this child was to make prophecies, everyone would laugh. However, the Promised Messiahas asked what answer one would give if after 70 years, through extraordinary circumstances, those same prophecies were to come true.

The second child the Promised Messiahas mentioned was Abdul Hayye, son of Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra. The Promised Messiahas held this child and said that some foolish enemies expressed great jubilation at the thought that Hazrat Hakim Maulvi Nuruddinra would be left without issue. The Promised Messiahas went on to narrate the incident and prophecy of this child’s birth, which God had informed him of in response to prayers.

The guests then enquired about the purpose of the Promised Messiah’sas advent. The Promised Messiahas replied to this in great detail, which has been recorded in Malfuzat (Vol. 5, p. 513).

The guests further stated that it has been recorded in the Bible that Jesusas raised people back from the dead and restored there life. They added that this was unique to Jesusas alone as no other book suggested anyone else had the ability to do this.

Responding to the guests, the Promised Messiahas stated and explained that the Holy Quran had stated that many dead souls were revived at the hands of the Holy Prophetsa.

However, the difference is, the Promised Messiahas explained, that he believed this to be in spiritual terms; meaning that the Holy Prophetsa revived and gave life to those who were spiritually dead, as appose to physically raising people back from the dead.

Similarly, the Promised Messiahas explained that he believed that Jesusas also brought people back from the dead in the same manner.

Exhibiting high morals of hospitality, Hazrat Ahmadas stated that tea had been prepared, to which the guests expressed their thanks and gratitude.

After this enlightening conversation, food was prepared and presented before them. During this time, they asked Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra what would happen after the demise of the Promised Messiahas.

Answering this, Hazrat Mufti Sahibra said that whatever God willed, would happen and that which usually occurs when prophets pass away.

After eating, the guests were shown Madrasa Talim-ul-Islam, where a student, Muhammmad Manzoor Ali Shakir, recited the first few verses of Surah Maryam. The recitation of the Quran pleased the guests.

Following this, the guests made their way to Batala.

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