Conditions of bai‘at


“Is there anyone among you who can claim that they have not witnessed any divine sign? I assert confidently that there is no one who has had the chance to be in our company and has not seen a fresh sign from Allah the Almighty with their own eyes. What our Jamaat essentially needs is an increase in faith, to cultivate a true conviction and understanding of Allah the Almighty, and to avoid any kind of sloth or indifference in performing virtuous acts. When one is lethargic, even performing ablution seems burdensome, let alone offering the tahajjud prayer. If the zeal for righteous deeds and the enthusiasm to strive for excellence in goodness are not kindled, then associating oneself with us is pointless.”

(Al Hakam, 24 March 1903; Malfuzat [1988], Vol. 2, pp. 710–711)

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