Dai‘een crash course camp held in Detroit, USA

Muhammad Ahmad, Secretary Tabligh, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Detroit

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Detroit, USA, held a dai‘een training camp on 28 October 2023. It was a crash course on Christianity with several key topics relevant to the mainstream Christian belief system with references from the teachings of the Bible.

The course has been under planning for several months. It was a day-long session that was divided into three main segments, with brief breaks in between. Each attendee was provided with a copy of the Bible (King James Version) along with hand-outs.

The course was planned for registered-only dai‘een and interested Jamaat members. Overall, 50 members registered for the class, which included men, women, and children ages ten and above. There was a great deal of interest expressed by many members in their registration comments, especially the topics covered in the published course outline.

The course provided learning opportunities on eight key topics from the Bible, including “God vs Jesus’ Divinity”, “Prophethood of Jesus”, “Did Jesus Die on the Cross?”, “Jesus’ Miracles”, “Jesus in India”, “Second Coming”, “Biblical Contradictions”, “Beginner’s Introduction to the Holy Bible”, and “Biblical Prophecies about Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.”

The programme started with lunch, followed by Zuhr prayers. Following the Zuhr prayers, formal proceedings started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The president of the local jamaat, Maqbool Tahir Sahib, provided a brief introduction and background to the event.

Faraan Rabbani Sahib, a missionary, started the programme with a silent prayer. He started the course by providing an overview of the Bible’s overall structure and the books that comprise the Old Testament and the New Testament, along with different facts about both the Old and the New Testament. A historical viewpoint regarding both the Old and New Testaments was provided with references from numerous books by Christian authors and historians.

Following the introduction, an interactive Kahoot-style quiz with interesting questions was conducted, which was very well received, generating a lot of interest and competition among the attendees.

This was followed by discussions on the topics stated above.

The course provided a wealth of information on the Christian belief system, and everyone gave very positive feedback and showed a great deal of interest.

40 members participated in the training course.

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