Dedicate yourselves to Allah


“Therefore, I consider it an obligation to advise my community and convey this message to them. Hereafter, everyone is free to heed my words or ignore them. Anyone of you who desires salvation and seeks a pure or everlasting life, ought to dedicate their life for the sake of Allah. Let each and every one of you strive and anxiously endeavour to reach the stage and rank where they can say that their life, their death, their sacrifices, their Prayers, are for Allah alone; and in the likeness of Abrahamas, let their soul proclaim:

اَسۡلَمۡتُ لِرَبّ الۡعٰلَمِیۡنَ 

“[‘I have submitted to the Lord of the worlds’ (Surah al-Baqarah, Ch. 2: V. 132)]

“Until an individual is lost in God and gives up their life in God’s way, they cannot be granted a new life. All of you who hold a relationship with me see for yourselves that I consider the dedication of my life for the sake of Allah to be the fundamental purpose of my existence. Now all of you ought to delve into yourselves and see how many of you prefer this action of mine for yourselves and hold dear the dedication of their lives in the way of God.”

(Al Hakam, 31 August 1900, p. 4)

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