Democratic Gridlock


Modern day politics seems to be taking unprecedented courses. Nations that hold democracy to be their flagship seem to be struggling to uphold this claim.

The flaw with Western democracy is that almost half the nation could disagree with a choice that the other almost-half strongly agrees with. 

52% of the British population thought it was best to leave the European Union while the remaining 48% thought it was best to remain. The contentious climate that it has given rise to within the British nation has set an example that best depicts this flaw.

With just a couple of months left before the official “divorce”, the British nation is still struggling to come to, what is now globally known as, a Brexit deal; no result reached so far and the nation is widely split in opinion.

Representing the general masses, the members of the British parliament seem to be in a total deadlock situation concerning the departure from the EU, but with no reasonable way forward. The day to day affairs continue, but the government is virtually paralysed. The historic that Mrs May’s proposed deal had to face in the parliament earlier this week only added fuel to the fire and the situation remains as completed as it was before the parliamentary polls, if not more.

Some say that this divorce of Britain from the EU is pushed by its next marriage, planned with the USA. But even the US government has, as we write these lines, been paralysed for a few weeks now. 

We all know how President Trump would have reacted to a similar situation had it occurred in the time of some other president. But since it happened to be his own regime when the US government is shutdown, he seems quite content with the “fast food” that he has had to order for a White House reception. 

President Trump appears to oppose those who are against his border wall idea, and thus he left from a meeting with congressional leaders, which in turn solidified a standoff that has closed down a significant part of the government for a much longer period than before. 

So here we have two governments paralysed, leaving the two proud democracies in crisis. 

On 27 June 2012, a historic event took place at Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa addressed leading congressmen, senators, ambassadors, White House and state department staff, NGO leaders, religious leaders, professors, policy advisors, bureaucrats, members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of think-tanks and the Pentagon, and journalists from the media. 

This meeting, the first of its kind, gave the opportunity to some of the most influential leaders in the United States, including Hon Nancy Pelosi, now Democratic Leader in the House of Representatives, to hear first-hand Islam’s message on world peace. 

Huzooraa, expressing why manmade governments are falling apart and people are getting frustrated and in turn losing hope in their leaders, stated:

“It is important to always remember that human knowledge and intellect is not perfect, but is in fact limited. Thus, when making decisions or forming thoughts, often certain factors enter human minds, which can cloud judgement and lead to a person trying to fulfil his own rights. Ultimately, this can lead to an unjust outcome and decision being made. 

“God’s Law, however, is perfect and so no vested interests or unfair provisions exist. This is because God only desires for the good and betterment of His creation and therefore, His Law is based entirely on justice. 

“The day the people of the world come to recognise and understand this crucial point will be the day that the foundation for true and everlasting peace will be laid. Otherwise, we continue to find that although efforts are endlessly made to establish world peace, yet they are unable to provide any worthwhile results.”

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