Depend on Allah Almighty alone


[Referring to physicians who boast of their success in treating patients, the Promised Messiahas says:] My purpose is to show that God Almighty disclosed the hollow nature of their claims and uncovered the reality of their vain boasting. They were defeated in the very field that they claimed expertise. This demonstrates that one should not make tall claims. My late father was also a renowned physician, with fifty years of experience. He would say that no prescription was definite. This is certainly true. Nothing is possible without the power of Allah.

An individual who turns to God Almighty is blessed. One must not be arrogant in the face of affliction and must never depend on anyone other than Allah. Minor illnesses take on a grave state almost suddenly. At times, a person under treatment for their heart is struck by an affliction of the brain. At other times, people undergoing treatment for low body temperature suddenly find themselves in the grip of a severe fever. Who can overcome these illnesses? One ought to depend on God. Who can fully determine the extent of these bacteria on earth and their poisonous effects? It is impossible for man to count the number of illnesses that exist. It is written that there are some 3,000 ailments that possess the potential to afflict the eye alone. Some diseases are so dreadful that even before a physician can finish writing up a prescription, the ailing person is taken by death. Hence, one ought to seek the refuge of Allah Almighty.

It can be observed at present that people are seriously negligent and utterly unconcerned of God. Graves are being dug, while angels are preparing the means of death, and people are perishing one after the other. Yet despite this, the foolish do not take heed. The plague has reached just 35 miles from Qadian, or thereabouts. Although the disease has subsided for now, due to an increase in temperature, who can say with certainty that even though this is the case at present, it will not return the following year?

It has been disclosed to me a few times by way of revelation and vision that the epidemic will spread throughout the country. I have published in advance that I saw in a vision that black trees were being planted and when I inquired of those who were planting these trees, they responded by saying that these were the trees of plague. This is a matter of grave danger.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 255-256)

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