Did the Holy Prophet s.a. punish the woman who tried to poison him?


Hazrat Amirul Mumineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa was sent a letter in which it said that Huzooraa had said in a Friday Sermon about the woman who tried to poison the Holy Prophetsa that she was forgiven by the Holy Prophetsa, while a hadith stated that the Holy Prophetsa had her killed. Further guidance was requested on this issue. 

In a letter dated 20 February 2020, Huzooraa further elucidated the matter and gave the following reply: 

“There has been a difference of opinion among the scholars of hadith regarding this issue. However, according to the more authentic and trustworthy books of hadith, this very view is correct that the Holy Prophetsa forgave her despite her clearly plotting to assassinate him and in spite of the fact that he felt the sting of the poison in his throat till the end of his life, he did not punish the woman out of personal revenge. Contrary to this, in ancient times, as well as in today’s advanced age and generally in the world, the death penalty is given for the mere plotting to assassinate a king or head of state. 

“Some muhaddithin [the scholars of hadith] have stated that the reason for this difference of opinion is that initially, the Holy Prophetsa did not punish the woman in any way, but when Hazrat Bishrra bin al-Bara‘ died from eating the poisoned meat, he had the woman killed in accordance with the law of retribution [qisaas]. 

“Even if this explanation is correct, the aspect of the life of the Holy Prophetsa which has been conveyed by Hazrat Aishara, that he never took revenge on anyone for his own sake, very clearly comes to the fore through this incident.” 

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